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What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Home Health Care Agency?

There may come a time in the life of your elderly loved ones that they will need an in-home care services to improve the quality of life for them, to help ensure they have good personal hygiene and mental wellness, and to help ensure a safe home environment. This means hiring a home care agency that provides home health care to seniors such as your elderly family member or members.  

Such a decision on what home health care company to hire is not an easy one; therefore, it is important to know what questions to ask before deciding upon one. Learn what questions you should ask below.

Starting Question

What Is Your Intake Process?

The intake process refers to how a home care agency in Washington DC and elsewhere takes in new clients. Some will do it by phone, while others will want to do an in-person interview.

Business-Related Questions

How long has your company provided in-home care?

(If your state requires it) – Is your company licensed to provide in-home care?

Can you provide references from previous and current clients?

Are your caregivers employees of your business and covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

It is important to know that the agency you choose has experience and a good reputation with previous and current clients. It is also important to know if their caregivers are actual employees of the company that are covered by the company’s insurance and not independent contractors.

Care Management Questions

Is a personalized care plan created for each client, and if so, who develops it?

How often do you evaluate and update this plan?

Do you offer specialized care for specific conditions such as for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients?

How do you keep in contact with family members regarding any concerns or issues with the client?

It is important to know if an agency develops a specific plan for each person or if it just goes with a generalized plan. If it is a specific plan, it is important to know whether it gets updated as time goes on and conditions change. If your loved one has a specific condition, it is important to know whether the agency offers specialized care for it.  Finally, you need to know how the agency will keep in touch with you regarding any updates or developments with your loved one.

Caregiver Selection and Training Questions

What is your process for recruiting and selecting your caregivers?  

Are background checks performed on these caregivers?

Do your caregivers receive continuous, updated training?

Do you perform regular supervisory visits to evaluate their performance?

It is important to know how an agency’s caregivers are recruited and selected, as well as whether background checks are performed or not. Do they receive ongoing training, and is their performance continuously evaluated or not?

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Posted on
March 30, 2023
Capital City Nurses