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How Can a Home Health Care Agency in Frederick, MD Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence?

CapitalCity Nurses, a home care agency that provides home care services and home care assistance in Frederick, MD, looks to help seniors maintain their independence for as long as possible. Learn how our home care assistance and home health care services help to preserve seniors’ independence below.

Importance of Maintaining Independence in Seniors

There are many reasons why maintaining independence in seniors is beneficial and even critical to their long-term health. By still having a sense of purpose, seniors will still feel the drive to be the best they can be and push forward through their difficulties, including rehab and post-op that often includes physical therapy for seniors. By still having a sense of control, they can still feel empowered to control much of their own lives, which can be beneficial to their senior brain health. Maintaining independence and remaining engaged in various activities and events improves cognitive function, particularly in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

When seniors are able to still express their individuality, that helps to reinforce that they are still a worthwhile person and that they still have much to contribute and much to live for. Losing that sense can lead to anger, frustration, and depression.  

Caregivers who emphasize seniors’ knowledge, abilities, and independence makes them feel good about themselves, which will often lead to them being much more willing to work with the caregivers rather than fight and resist what the caregiver is trying to do for them.

Ways Home Health Care Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence

A home care  agency that provides elderly care like Capital City Nurses in Frederick, MD focuses on creating a safe home environment for seniors and providing the best home care services possible. This includes prioritizing nutrition for the elderly, helping them become more comfortable with technology, helping them to maintain a sense of humor, and much more.

Our in-home nursing care includes assisting seniors with their daily living activities, promoting socialization, physical activity, and other activities to maintain senior physical health. We also provide medication management for the elderly to ensure they are taking the correct dosage of medication at the proper times they are supposed to. We pay attention to the needs of the elderly, including providing companionship care so they never feel alone, even when family members and friends can not be with them.  


CapitalCity Nurses provides in-home care that reinforces a positive outlook for your loved one and shows that our caregivers will work with them to make it easier for them to accomplish what they want to accomplish. Your loved one will have much control and input into what they want to do and how they will go about doing it so they do not feel frustrated or depressed over their difficulties, while still being in a safe home environment so that you do not have to worry about them getting injured.

Contact us at 866-807-7307 and let us know what your loved one needs from us to make his or her life better. We will work with you to improve the quality of your loved one’s life as much as possible!

Posted on
March 21, 2023
Capital City Nurses