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10 Advantages Of Home Care For Seniors In McLean, VA

Taking care of elderly family members at home is a goal for many families throughout McLean, VA. As parents or loved ones need more specialized services and care, Capital City Nurses is here to provide home care services, elderly care assistance, and companionship care to help both the senior and the caregivers.

Why do People Need Home Care?

As the leading home care agency for families in and nearby McLean, VA, we often hear questions about how to know when to begin home care for seniors. The best response is that caregivers and seniors need personal home care or companion services when caring fora loved one becomes challenging or difficult.  

We begin working with each senior by completing a full assessment by one of our experienced RNs. We then customize a program of care, from our senior companion program that provides socialization and general assistance, to skilled nursing that offers medical management and more specialized levels of care and support. The goal of all home health care is to create a safe, supported environment to allow the senior to remain in the home for as long as possible.

What Are the Advantages of Home Care for Seniors?

There are many different advantages or benefits of in-home care for seniors. They include:

  • Personalized care and support – each client has a customized plan that changes with their needs
  • A comfortable, familiar environment – being at home rather than in a senior community provides a comfortable, familiar environment
  • Faster recovery – our rehab and post-op care allows seniors to come home after hospitalization or time at a skilled nursing facility and have the level of care they need to continue their recovery
  • One-on-one attention – our staff provides the individual time and attention your loved one needs for all aspects of their daily life
  • Companionship and interactions – our companionship program offers support when the family is at work and school
  • Independence – seniors can continue to live in their own home or at the home of a family member and still have independence
  • Family involvement – having a family around is a wonderful experience for a senior, and our senior home care helps the family to avoid caregiver burnout
  • Pet ownership – living at home with support allows seniors to keep their beloved pets by their side
  • Peace of mind for the family – with experienced, trained, and professional caregivers, family members have peace of mind their loved one is well cared for
  • Medication management – our caregivers provide medication management for seniors, ensuring medications are taken as prescribed and not skipped

What Are the Extra Benefits of Home Care Services at Capital CityNurses in McLean, VA?

Capital City Nurses has provided exceptional senior home care in McLean, VA, for forty-six years. In addition to providing highly trained caregivers, we also offer a senior companion program and skilled nursing care, covering the full spectrum of services our clients require.

Our trained, professional, and highly skilled staff are committed to providing the best care for each family, tailoring the support provided to meet the changing needs of each of our patients.  

For more information about our home care services or to start with an assessment call us today at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
July 21, 2022
Capital City Nurses