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Celebrating International Nurses Day: Why Nurses At Home Healthcare Are Heroes

While International Nurses Day may not be a national holiday, anyone who has needed the services of a nurse knows just how important these professionals are in their care and ongoing support during illness,injury recovery, or as we age. At Capital City Nurses, we celebrate the work, dedication, and compassion our in-home care nurses and caregivers provide our clients throughout the Washington, DC, area and all the communities we serve.

International Nurses Day is held annually on May 12, which is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Born in 1820, she is widely viewedas the leader in the modern nursing movement. Florence Nightingale was the first medical professional to install early standards of care for soldiers injured in battle at military hospitals. Later, in 1860,she would open a nursing school in London that became the model fornursing schools around the globe.

First held in 1974 and founded by the International Council of Nurses, this day is a simple way to honor these quiet heroes who provide ongoing support and elderly care assistance at Capital City Nurses and in facilities across the country and around the world.

Why We View Nurses at Home Healthcare as Heroes

There are many reasons why nurses are heroes to our seniors and their families. Each of our nurses and caregivers provide a full range of services and support that allow seniors to live at home for as longas possible.

Our seniors and their families depend on our nurses to provide exceptional quality of care. They use their experience and expertise to add to the quality of life for each senior, customizing support and spending time with seniors that is meaningful and caring.

Nurses are also trusted professionals. They see their patients on afrequent basis and work directly in the senior’s home. With this trust also comes the ability to know when there is a potential issuewith the senior, recognizing important issues and signs that help to identify medical or other issues before they become problematic.Providing home care nursing, rehab and post-op care, and medication management, our nurses customize the services to meet the needs of the senior.  

Treating patients like family, the nurses from our home care agency are not just medical professionals for the seniors. They are helping hands around the house, providing that extra level of senior care and support. This allows seniors to live independently, safely, and comfortably on their own or in the home of a loved one.

We Appreciate our Nurses

At Capital City Nurses, we are so grateful for each of the nurses that provide home healthcare to seniors throughout Washington, DC. Werecognize the extra time and support they provide to patients,working tirelessly and making the effort to bring smiles to the faces of their patients. We value their commitment to exceptional patient care, professionalism, and compassionate home care assistance that truly makes a difference in the lives of families and seniors throughout the area.

Contact the team at Capital City Nurses for more information on our amazing nursing staff. We are available to answer your questions at866-807-7307.

Posted on
May 9, 2022
Capital City Nurses