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I am writing to commend the superior service that I received from Certified Nursing Assistant, Geneva Shepard!  I am extremely grateful for the care administered to me by Geneva. Her expertise, advise, attention, and soothing manner, as well as her tremendous sense of humor, made an all-day experience a true pleasure! Geneva’s work with me that day was even more beneficial and expert than the physical therapist performing intake for my first visit!!! I am very far ahead of expectations in my recovery, and I have been able to resume all of my daily activities. I move, for the most part, without any cane, and with practically no use of pain medication!  I AM EXCEPTIONALLY JOYFUL ONCE MORE!!!

J.R., Hyattsville, MD

My mother used your services recently and her aide’s name was Boca. I wanted to let you know how great Boca was throughout the process. It was a very difficult situation, but Boca was so helpful and supportive to both my mother and my father. She was compassionate and caring and I know they both appreciated her tremendously.

S.G., Greenwich, CT

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Capital City Nurses for standing with us/me over the past few years. Although my parents had reached their nineties, their health problems came upon all of us quite suddenly – being eternal optimists and forever young at heart, we weren’t quite ready for them. We had other plans. But, when we called you we felt we had found a source of great support and help. Our first meeting was so reassuring for my father…he felt he was getting the best for his beloved wife…and he was. Thank you for the wonderful care you and your caregivers provide, in our case, at the end of life.

E. J., Chevy Chase, MD

Thank you all very much for your guidance, support, and listening ear as we headed down this unknown road. You made a tough situation easier as dad’s health declined and his days became more difficult. Lois, Satta, Theresa and Angie are to be commended for their excellent attention and care they gave dad. Satta and Lois certainly extended themselves to us completely during dad’s final days. Thank you again for your outstanding service. Fondly.

C.S and Family, Bethesda, MD

My mother lived a wonderful life and we have many happy memories. We will always be grateful to Capital City Nurses for the love and support you have given our mother and family throughout the last few years. With warm regards.

S.R and Family, Rockville, MD

Thank you, thank you. As I am sure you well know, the stress of a loved one’s illness is awful but it really helps that a company such as yours exists to send it trained, competent assistance. Dad’s illness was tough on me but I don’t think I would have made it without Capital City Nurses.

M.D, Potomac, MD

After returning home from a stay at Sibley Hospital where I began the slow healing process of a broken pelvic bone, I was fortunate in having Maud as my night aide for several weeks. I am now sufficiently healed and am reluctantly letting her leave to find another lucky patient needing night-time attention at home. I have enjoyed her care and the cheerful attitude she has night and day. Maud is always thoughtful and in a good mood regardless of the tasks required and she is vigilant all night long. I will miss her.

L.M, NW Washington DC

I think I was very lucky with the woman you sent me. Of course, there were occasional imperfections veering from EXCELLENT to GOOD – but minor. Your organization should be complimented on your attention to detail and quality of caregivers – I know it isn’t easy.

J.B.S, Chevy Chase, MD

Marie was wonderful to our daughter during her need for one on one care. She was very professional and took excellent care of her. Thank you.

B.H, Fairfax, VA

I was completely in the dark about who to contact about in-home care after undergoing a total hip replacement. When a word of mouth recommendation fell through I found Capital City Nurses Healthcare Services on the internet. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. My wife and I decided to get CNA care at night so she could get some sleep knowing that someone would be available for me during the night. We were very impressed that they sent a Registered Nurse to make sure we were properly acquainted with the service and what we could ask of the CNA. My wife and I feel very fortunate that our “shot in the dark” ended up being such a positive experience and would highly recommend Capital City Nurses Healthcare Service to anyone seeking in-home care.

T.B, Washington, DC