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The Best Way to Find Exceptional Senior Care Services in McLean, VA

Adult children often face the very difficult decision of moving their aging parents into a senior living facility. While there are times when seniors are best supported through assisted living or nursing home facilities, staying safely at home for as long as possible is recognized as one of the best options for seniors.

Remaining in a familiar house surrounded by friends, neighbours, and community provides a greater opportunity for social interactions and comfort for elderly individuals. Then, as their needs progress, the senior can move into assisted living.

At Capital City Nurses, we offer the level of support and care your parents need, from at-home senior care services to more focused skilled nursing care. Our in-home care services in McLean, VA and the surrounding areas is customized to meet the needs of your loved one and your family. This includes a full range of services provided by highly-trained, experienced, dedicated, and compassionate RNs and caregivers.

To help you find the best possible elderly care services in the area, consider how Capital City Nurses provides customized and individualized services,from companionship and help with meals to light housekeeping and medication reminders.

What should I look for in good senior care services in McLean, VA?

Ideally, plan to visit the facility personally if you are considering moving your loved one there. Take the tour and look at the condition of the grounds, including the offices and outdoor areas.

It is also helpful to read online reviews and check the company's reputation with doctors, friends, and others in the community.Consider the quality of training and expertise offered by staff for in-home care and on the senior living campus.

How do the best senior care services help the elderly?

At Capital City Nurses, we provide a full range of senior care services in McLean, VA. This includes qualified, trained, and supervised home health aides that follow a plan developed by our RNs. We also offer skilled nursing care to help with health issues, medication management, and recovery after surgery or hospitalization.

In addition, our services include help with light housekeeping and daily chores, transportation to and from medical appointments, and counselling support for your elderly loved ones.

How do seniors get the proper care and support?

Ensure you choose our senior companion care program and services in McLean, VA to provide your parents or relatives with the best possible care and support.

What is the importance of a caregiver to the elderly?

Capital City Nurses carefully match caregivers with our elderly clients as part of the initial assessment and treatment plan development process. The caregiver becomes a friend and companion to the elderly person, taking them on outings, providing social opportunities, and helping them get out in their community. Having a trusted caregiver empowers and energizes seniors to stay active. They know they have a companion to accompany them as they shop, go to appointments, or spend time enjoying local events.

What are the different levels of senior care offered by Capital City Nurses?

We offer several levels of care through our experienced staff at Capital City Nurses. These include personal care, skilled nursing care, medication management, independent living support, and assisted living. Throughout our time working with seniors, we constantly assess their needs and discuss any recommendations for change in levels of care.

How much do senior care services cost with Capital City Nurses in McLean, VA?

There are many different factors that go into developing a customized treatment plan for each senior. For more information specific to your loved one, talk to a care team expert by calling 866-807-7307.

Posted on
April 6, 2022
Capital City Nurses