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10 Signs Your Loved Ones Need Senior Home Care in Alexandria, VA

It is very difficult for most adult children to recognize early signs of challenges for their aging parents. In many cases, it is not until something happens, such as a fall or other event, that the family becomes aware that there is a problem with the senior continuing to live a fully independent lifestyle.

Opting to use senior care provided in the home is a simple and effective way for the family to have peace of mind and the senior to have companionship, care, and support. At Capital City Nurses, we provide seniors throughout Alexandria, VA with the support they need. We offer a full range of senior care, from eldercare assistance and companionship care.

What Are the Signs Your Loved One Needs Assistance?

If you have concerns about your loved one, contact our team for a full assessment completed by a registered nurse from Capital City Nurses in Alexandria, VA. This assessment is used to develop the correct plan to support your elderly loved one.

As a family member, the key indicators that it is time to reach out for support with in-home care include:

  • Lack of personal hygiene – elderly people may find it difficult to bathe or shower without assistance and support. There may also be a fear of a slip or fall in the tub or shower.
  • Change in the home cleanliness – keeping up the cleaning in a home often becomes challenging for seniors, leading to maintenance and cleanliness issues.
  • Poor nutrition – seniors may struggle with meal preparation or regular grocery shopping, resulting in limited or poor meal choices.
  • Depression – isolation, loneliness, and feelings of being disconnected from the community and family can contribute to depression.
  • Slow recovery after illness – poor nutrition, poor hygiene, and challenges in recovery can slow down healing.
  • Emotional changes – seniors can begin to experience emotional changes due to depression, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease.
  • Major health issues – respiratory, cardiovascular, or other health issues may create difficulties for the senior to live on their own without support.
  • Medication management – as people age, they often have multiple prescriptions. It can be very challenging for seniors to manage this on their own.
  • Increased confusion – we offer full support with our elderly care programs for those with different stages of memory loss.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns – seniors may develop disrupted sleep patterns that can lead to other physical and mental health concerns.

How Senior Care Services at Capital City Nurses in Alexandria, VA Can Help Your Loved One

We work with the family to provide the right level of support for the senior. Our highly trained, certified, compassionate, and professional caregivers care for your loved to allow them to remain in their home for as long as it is safe for them to be there. Our senior companion program is ideal for individuals requiring companionship throughout the day, assistance with daily activities, and support getting to and from appointments.

Our home care services can also include more advanced support, including assistance with personal hygiene, meal preparation, and medication reminders. As the needs of your loved ones change, we adjust our services to provide the necessary senior care services for their safety and well being.

Posted on
July 14, 2022
Capital City Nurses