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5 Ways to Boost Self-Esteem and Independence in the Elderly

As people age, particularly if there are associated health and mobility issues, it is very easy to lose self-confidence in your ability to do things on your own. This loss of independence and the subsequent reliance on others can make seniors feel as though they are losing their sense of control in regard to their decision-making capability and sometimes their identity.

Issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can further erode a senior’s sense of self-esteem as they struggle with memory and tasks that were previously easy to do. The good news is that elderly care in Columbia, MD from Capital City Nurses can help build and boost self-esteem in seniors, allowing them to feel confident and comfortable in their own homes.

How Can You Build Confidence in the Elderly

All aspects of our in-home care are designed to boost and support the confidence of our elderly clients. Through companionship care, we help forge and encourage social interactions through regular interactions, conversations with caregivers, and going out in the community.

Our senior companion programs also help by talking about current events and interesting things on the news. Each of our caregivers spends time building rapport and getting to know the senior, tailoring conversations to encourage them to share their knowledge, opinions, and experiences.

Another essential component of senior care in Columbia, MD is helping seniors fight negative stereotypes and ageism. Staying active, involved, and engaged allows the senior to feel like a valued member of the family,neighborhood, and community.

Showing compassion, asking for advice, and working closely with the senior  allowing them to make decisions are just a few of the way sour home healthcare solutions make seniors feel more confident and comfortable.

How Can We Help the Elderly Maintain Independence?

At Capital City Nurses, our focus is always on safety first. This means creating a safe home environment to reduce the risks of falls or challenges in moving about. As part of our safety and care services, we also offer medication management, ensuring all seniors are taking their medications at the correct times and dosages.

We also help by getting involved in their everyday activities. Our caregivers encourage seniors to help out, stay involved, and challenge themselves to try new things. When patients need rehab and post-op care, caregivers can help with daily exercises and practice to rebuild their physical and mental health. Through the development of routines with a compassion ate senior care professional, we help with stress reduction, which makes life more positive for seniors of any age.

Emotional support and having a regular, friendly, professional caregiver to help with daily activities helps build a sense of confidence and independence for seniors.

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