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Effective Stress Reduction Tips For Seniors

Although many people may not realize it, April is Stress Awareness Month. While everyone can experience stress in their life, there are some specific types of stress that only seniors experience. For Stress Awareness Month in April, Capital City Nurses would like to offer some easy to remember tips to help reduce stress. Our home care staff in Alexandria, VA routinely use these methods with our patients to reduce stress.

The Impact of Stress on Seniors' Health

Stress causes a range of different physiological and emotional changes in our body. These changes are caused by increases in specific stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. As the levels of these hormones increase, the body responds by breathing faster, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and preparing for fight or flight. This is a self-defense mechanism, and it is natural when it only occurs occasionally. However, when these hormonal changes occur on an ongoing basis, they create an adverse effect on senior health.

Increased levels of stress hormones and blood pressure create a risk for cardiovascular health issues. When this is combined with poor diet, lifestyle choices, and a lack of exercise, seniors may be at an increased risk for heart disease or other cardiovascular complications. Many of our rehab and post-op patients find stress awareness is helpful during their recovery.

Anyone who has experienced stress has probably had the feeling of being sick to their stomach. As stress levels increase, the body actually slows down blood flow to the digestive system. This can lead to ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and other types of digestive complications.

Elderly individuals also tend to have less effective immune systems.When they are experiencing stress, the immune system is suppressed.This puts seniors at risk of developing seasonal illnesses or other types of viruses and bacterial infections.

Easy Ways To Reduce Stress In A Senior's Life

Seniors can learn effective ways to help reduce stress in their life.One of the most important tools for seniors to use is to begin to understand how to identify their stress factors. Some of those stress factors could be health issues, challenges in dealing with medical professionals, difficulties in getting this help and assistance, and even struggling with medication management. Our elderly care assistance programs can eliminate these stressors.

Once those stressors are identified, there are several techniques our home care services can help the senior to learn.Mindfulness is a wonderful activity that helps people focus on what's going on in their life rather than worrying about things from the past or the future. Learning how to engage your mind in positive thoughts working on concentration exercises or doing puzzles is a great way to break out of negative thought patterns that cause stress.

Other important stress busters include choosing nutritional and healthy foods, maintaining strong emotional connections with others,and using relaxation and stress relief techniques like deep breathing. Another great stress reduction exercise is to find a way to laugh every day. Laughter is a great medicine and helps to reduce cortisol levels in the body naturally.

How do Seniors Living at Capital City Nurses Help Relieve Stress?

At Capital City Nurses, we offer senior companion care in Alexandria, VA that reduces isolation, increases social engagement, and helps seniors to proactively address stress in their life. Our home care services also help seniors focus on stress awareness throughout the year, not just during Stress Awareness Month in April.

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Posted on
April 12, 2022
Capital City Nurses