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How Can a Senior Companion Program Help Prevent Senior Isolation?

There are several challenges seniors face when it comes to maintaining social interactions. A significant problem for most seniors in Alexandria, VA is the difficulty feeling comfortable and confident going out, particularly if they have mobility or health issues.

At Capital City Nurses, we provide a senior companion program designed to meet the needs of your loved one. Our in-home care provider works with your senior family member to provide not just home care, but also support in getting out and about in the community and staying engaged.

Typically, seniors in our program do not need skilled nursing care or rehab and post-op medical services, but we are here if this changes. We also provide medication management as part of our home care services, ensuring seniors are taking medications as recommended by their doctor.

How Does Senior Isolation Impact an Elder's Life?

Isolation and loneliness, or a sense of not belonging to a community, increases the risk of depression and anxiety for many elderly individuals. With our elderly care assistance, compassionate caregivers come in on a scheduled basis customized to the needs of the individual.

The caregiver helps with light house keeping, meal preparation, and things around the house. They also spend time talking and interacting with the senior while supporting the elderly person in getting out and about in the community. This limits the sense of isolation the senior has while also offering fun and a sense of belonging.

Is My Loved One in Need of Senior Companion Care?

When seniors live alone or when the family goes to work and school, they may struggle with every day tasks. At Capital City Nurses, we offer a range of home care services to address the specific needs identified through our initial intake assessment.

Signs that your loved one would benefit from senior care include:

  • Being left alone in the home for long periods throughout the day
  • Not taking medication on a schedule
  • Struggling with meal preparation
  • Difficulties performing daily tasks
  • Safety concerns such as falls
  • Illness, dementia, or memory problems

How does the Senior Companion Program at Capital City Nurses Help My Loved One?

We carefully match our highly-trained, compassionate caregivers with each senior, providing a good fit from the first meeting. Our senior care providers interact with your loved one, playing games, doing fun activities, and helping the senior stay active at community events.

Our companionship care program also includes transportation to and from medical appointments or to special events. With support,encouragement, and a wonderful companion, seniors feel confident,comfortable, and supported even when their family cannot be there.

We focus on providing the same caregiver or team of caregivers for home care services. This is ideal to build the relationship between the senior and our staff, while also providing peace of mind to the family. To find out more about our home care services in Alexandria, VA, call us today at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
July 28, 2022
Capital City Nurses