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Consider Home Care for an Elderly Relative in This Pandemic Situation

Older people are more vulnerable to severe illnesses during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re caring for an older relative, you’re probably concerned about how to keep them safe. Since our grandparents cherish spending time with family members and friends, physical distancing may result in loneliness and isolation. Home care for your elderly relative may be the ideal solution to solve this puzzle.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider hiring an in-house care service for your loved one:

1. Companionship

One of the most important things for our elderly relatives is staying close to family and friends.  However, with the social restrictions taking place in this pandemic situation, interaction is minimized. A home caregiver can bridge this gap by becoming your relative’s close, personal friend. They will not feel isolated, as they will have another adult in the house to chat, play games, and engage in hobbies with.

2. At-home access to medical care

Being able to get medical attention at home means avoiding unnecessary doctor’s visits. In case of any illness, professional home health caregivers can be sent to your home to treat your loved ones. Home health agencies offer skilled nursing services to help administer medication, therapies, and dietary needs.

3. Help in maintaining high hygiene standards

A high level of sanitation is necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. A trained personal caregiver can help seniors maintain essential hygiene to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. They can help with disinfecting the house, cooking healthy meals, and grooming your loved ones. In-house care ensures a senior remains safe, comfortable, and well-fed.

4. Provide peace of mind to family

You will worry less about your relative’s safety and be sure that their health is in good hands with a professional home caregiver. Knowing your loved one is getting the exceptional care  you cannot provide them with during this pandemic offers peace of mind. With most home care facilities heightening visiting hour rules, home care allows the family to stay connected to their loved ones.

Are you looking for a home caregiving agency that prioritizes their caregiver’s and client’s health during this pandemic situation? Contact us at Capital City Nurses for secure and quality home nursing for your elderly relative.  

Posted on
September 23, 2020