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Managing Behavior Changes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients in Washington, DC

There are many different changes that families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia experience. While most people are aware of the progressive cognitive decline that occurs with these conditions, there is also a range of physical and behavioral changes.

Personality and behavior changes in Alzheimer's and dementia patients can occur rapidly, or they may develop very slowly. This is one of the reasons having in-home care from Capital City Nurses is helpful to the family. Our home care nursing staff constantly monitor seniors and make changes to the plan that optimize safety, compassionate care, and address the individual's emotional, behavioral, and medical health needs.

Knowing the common changes in behavior and personality for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia is also helpful for family members. Our Alzheimer's and dementia care resources include looking for the following signs and changes:

  • Mood changes – seniors may get upset over small issues, or seem worried or angry more often than they have in the past. Many people with Alzheimer's and dementia also feel sad or depressed and may choose to isolate themselves rather than engage with family.
  • Wandering away – with memory loss and cognitive decline, wandering away becomes a safety concern.
  • Misunderstanding and imagining – seniors may have difficulty understanding requests or directions, or they may imagine events that have not happened.

Some of the factors that contribute to changes in behavior include feelings of confusion, stress, anxiety, fear, or sadness as the senior realizes what’s happening. Health-related problems, such as difficulty with motor skills, may also occur. Seniors may have difficulty talking, walking, or eating. They may also need more assistance for activities of daily living and personal hygiene as the disease progresses.

Capital City Nurses Help Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

In addition to medication management and any required rehab and post-op nursing requirements, our home care nursing staff can provide customized, comprehensive care solutions for seniors. Our team of private duty home care professionals provides personalized care services with compassion and respect for the dignity of our patients.

Companion care services allow us to provide conversation, activities, and support for patients with Alzheimer's and dementia. Our staff assists with meal preparation, feeding, light housekeeping, and creating a safe environment for the senior.

How Caregivers Play a Vital Role in Helping Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Deal with Personality and Behavior Changes

Home care assistance staff are familiar to the senior, providing a trusted source of support and help throughout the day. Our home care nursing services offer a unique combination of social support, companionship, and medical care to help reduce anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, and confusion, while also dealing with the day-to-day care of your loved one.

While these debilitating diseases are difficult to manage, the team at Capital City Nurses offers the premier Alzheimer's and dementia care in Washington, DC. For more information on our services, call us at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
October 31, 2022
Capital City Nurses