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Private Duty Home Care Makes Holidays Brighter For Seniors

It can be very difficult for seniors living on their own, particularly when there is a holiday. Holidays throughout the year are often seen as times to gather, but when the family or the senior is no longer living in the same location, these holidays can be lonely.

Other factors, such as lack of mobility, inability to drive, or not feeling strong enough to participate in holiday traditions, can also because of sadness and depression for seniors. In some families, adult children may have their own traditions and celebrations that may not be the same as the senior remembers, further creating a sense of separation and loss.  

While our elderly care assistance programs provide a wide range of medical services for our patients, including medication management, rehab and post-op care, and in-home care for daily activities, we also provide private duty home care. This includes our senior companion programs, which are designed to provide support, companionship, and compassionate care for seniors throughout Great Falls, VA.

The Link Between Seniors, Holidays, and Depression

One of the challenges seniors often face over the holidays is a deep feeling of the loss of a spouse or partner. While looking back over special holidays and events may initially be positive, the acute sense of loss for the current holiday can create mild to more significant levels of depression.

Seniors may also miss their own parents during the holidays or feel a sense of loss with friends and family members who have passed. This can be more pronounced if there have been recent losses of family members, friends, or even pets in the senior's life.

At Capital City Nurses, our elderly care assistance provides several services that help seniors who may struggle with loneliness or depression over the holidays. Our caregivers come in and assist with house cleaning, personal care, and meal preparation to help your senior. The senior maintains their routine, has ongoing opportunities to socialize, and the benefits of having someone there for them over the holidays.

During these times, our staff provides companionship care, talking to the senior, playing their favorite games, doing activities, and helping seniors with stress management in engaging, personalized, and practical ways.  

How Do Caregivers at Capital City Nurses Provide Special Care for Seniors During the Holidays?

The private duty home care services at Capital City Nurses are customized to the needs of your loved one. Our services include Alzheimer's and dementia care support, helping seniors to stay actively engaged throughout the holidays at a comfortable and supportive level.

Our team of caregivers in Great Falls, VA, are familiar faces for the senior. We monitor the senior and make note of any changes in their mood, physical condition, or in their engagement with our staff. This is essential to create customized support that helps seniors to manage stress or address any issues with depression in a pro active and compassionate way.

The elderly care assistance caregivers at Capital City Nurses are trained professionals with the support of an exceptional staff. We focus on supporting and caring for the whole person, mind and body, including assistance and companionship for seniors experiencing loneliness or depression over the holidays. For more information on our services contact us at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
June 7, 2022
Capital City Nurses