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Companion Care: Let Them Feel Loved

No matter who you are, we all have a common want and need: love. Each person has a different way of expressing their love for others. Each person also has a different meaning of what love is for them. When you are caring for someone, especially a senior, there are a few things you can do for them to feel special.

Remember the Little Things

It’s the little details that show how special a person is to you. Some of these details include remembering what they like to drink or on what side of the bed they prefer to sleep. You can help them remember the moments that made them happy. You can pull out an old family album, and let them tell you about the pictures. This is also a way to bond as they open up to you and tell you what their life has been like. It’s all about remembering the little things that can put a smile on their faces.

Serve When You Can

Service means doing little things for them, like assisting them when standing up and bringing them water when they just come back from their walk. These small services are a way to show them that they are not alone and they can always depend on you when they need to.

A Touch of Reassurance

A little pat on the shoulder or occasionally holding their hand assures them that things will be okay. If they need a hug, give it to them. This will make anyone feel better.

Using Kind Words and Lending an Ear

People already hear too many harsh words in the world. It’s kind words that people need to hear. Simple phrases such as “you did great today” can do wonders for one’s confidence. Older people tend to feel bad about themselves, as they may feel they have nothing left to do in the world. It is good to remind them that they are important and still have a purpose. Take the time to listen to anything they have to say. What they say might not be necessary for you, but your listening is essential to them.

Everyone needs to feel loved. If you want to be assured that your family members are in good hands while you’re away, you can always trust Capital City Nurses to deliver utmost care to your loved ones.

Posted on
September 24, 2020