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A Guide To The Advantages Of Physical Therapy For Seniors

As people age, it is not uncommon for injuries and trauma to the body to create challenges with mobility and movement. One of the most effective ways to treat this problem is with physical therapy.

Home health care in Washington, DC helps seniors stay active and complete their exercises provided by physical therapists. Depending on the senior and the situation, the physical therapists may come to the senior’s home, or the senior may go to the physical therapy center. Capital City Nurses provides a senior companion program and senior home care services that ensure your loved ones have transportation to and from appointments as well as help in practicing their exercises between physical therapy visits.

How Physical Therapy Benefits Seniors

One of the concerns that many seniors and family members express to the team at Capital City Nurses is maintaining independence for the senior as long as possible. Our in-home care provides this support, and physical therapy helps teach seniors new ways to overcome common issues.

Some of the ways that physical therapy benefits seniors at any time,including during rehab and post-op recovery, include:

  • Reducing chronic pain – chronic pain increases anxiety, stress, depression, and feelings of being isolated and alone. With physical therapy to reduce the pain, seniors are more confident and able to engage in activities they enjoy.
  • Reducing the risk of a fall or injury – physical therapy can work on building the core muscles and improving balance. Seniors often struggle with balance issues that can be reduced by exercise, giving them the confidence to get out of their home and also feel safer in their home. Physical therapy is also effective in building up arm and leg strength to help prevent shoulder, arm, and leg or ankle injuries.
  • Reducing the use of medications – many seniors have numerous medications throughout the day. While Capital City Nurses offers medication management, eliminating prescription pain medications reducing side effects and possible drug interactions with other medications.
  • Improving quality of life and independence – when seniors feel physically able to move and experience less pain, they can enjoy greater independence and a better overall quality of life. They can do things in their home, with their family, and in their community to stay active and engaged. Staying active and involved also helps promote mental health and well being.
  • Improve overall health – staying mobile, exercising, and moving the body every day is the best way to keep all systems functioning and working effectively.

Our elderly care in Washington, DC provides customized support for seniors to stay active, mobile, and living independently for as long as possible.

How Do Caregivers at Capital City Nurses Help With Physical Therapy Exercises?

Each of our clients has a comprehensive assessment from one of our geriatric home care managers. Our professional senior care giving services are customized to meet the needs of the senior, including assisting the senior in completing exercises provided by the physical therapist.

With exercise, proper nutrition,companionship, and support for daily activities, Capital City Nurses assists your loved one in reaching their health and wellness goals and confidently live independently. For more information on our services call us today at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
November 24, 2022
Capital City Nurses