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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Geriatric Home Care Manager

Caring for seniors is often an extremely difficult task, although many families are focused on keeping their aging parents at home for as long as possible. The good news for families in Bethesda, MD is that Capital City Nurses offers specialized services to provide the support families need for aging parents and relatives safely and compassionately at home.

One of the services we offer is the option to work with a geriatric home care manager. It is important to understand what makes a geriatric home care manager different than basic in-home care.

What is a Geriatric Home Care Manager?

At Capital City Nurses, our geriatric care manager is a licensed nurse who works with families and seniors to address a range of possible issues. As part of the role of the geriatric care manager, a full assessment and evaluation of each senior is completed before any services are provided.

This is when the geriatric care manager talks with both the family and the senior. This conversation helps identify specific services and needs to provide the best possible level of care and support.

As part of our home care services, this assessment will identify if any skilled nursing care is required, if the senior would benefit from medication management, or if there are specialized rehab and post-op procedures or services that need to be in place.

The geriatric care manager will continue to monitor the treatment plan developed for the senior, adjusting it as needed. This is the ideal way to personalize the in-home care support to meet the individual needs of the senior and family both immediately and over time.

What Are the Five Most Common Reasons Families Hire a Geriatric Home Care Manager?

Five situations where a geriatric care manager can be of assistance to a family include:

  • Behavior issues – It is not uncommon for seniors, particularly those with Alzheimer's or dementia, to have challenging behavior changes. This condition is often progressive, and it can be very difficult for a family to try and solve these issues on their own. The geriatric care manager will assess the situation and help develop treatment and management plans that support the senior to address safety and other needs.
  • Senior living problems – Seniors in assisted living communities can also benefit from elderly care assistance. The geriatric care manager can assess the senior’s needs to fill in areas where the assisted living or nursing home cannot provide support.
  • Lack of communication – Many seniors are uncomfortable discussing health issues or the need for support in daily activities with their family. Our home care in Bethesda, MD provides one-on-one support for seniors to ensure they have the support they need.
  • Distance – Many families do not live in the same community as their elderly loved one. A geriatric care manager can manage the senior’s care to give you peace of mind. This includes providing companionship care for socialization and interactions.
  • Uncertainty – Many families are not sure what to do. Talking to an expert in senior care offers more clarity.

How Does Geriatric Home Care Provided by Capital City Nurses Help Your Loved One?

A geriatric care manager is a resource for both the family and the senior. The family has confidence knowing the treatment plan is customized to meet the needs of their loved one, both medically and through positive, compassionate interactions with highly-trained caregivers and staff.

At the same time, the senior is able to live at home for longer in a safe, managed, and supportive environment. For more information, callus at 866-807-7307 to schedule a meeting with one of our geriatric care managers.

Posted on
July 21, 2022
Capital City Nurses