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The Importance of Medication Management for Seniors

In a 2019 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22.4% of those age 40-79 use five or more prescription medications. Women are slightly more likely to use prescription medications. In adults 60-79, the commonly used drugs include lipid-lowering drugs (high cholesterol medications), beta blockers (high blood pressure), Alexandria, VA, ACE inhibitors (also high blood pressure), anti diabetic drugs, proton pump inhibitors (reduce stomach acid), and analgesics (pain medications).

Many of the patients we serve at Capital City Nurses in Alexandria, VA, are on significantly more prescription medications. In addition, many take supplements and vitamins. Combining these medications incorrectly or combining them with the wrong types of foods and supplements, can potentially result in adverse and even life-threatening reactions.  

Seniors often have challenges in managing multiple medications. This is particularly challenging for those requiring Alzheimer's and dementia care. As part of our senior care services, Capital City Nurses provides medication management for our seniors in rehab and post-op as well as in our general home health care programs.

How Do Caregivers Help Seniors with Medication Management, and How Does it Help in Senior Health?

Our in-home care professionals assist seniors with medication management in a variety of different ways. Each of our seniors begins their program with a full evaluation that helps create a customized plan. The  senior home care manager then shares that plan with the caregiver, the senior, and the family, ensuring everyone understands the services provided.

The senior-care staff may create a reminder system for the senior. In many cases, our staff can be present to ensure the senior takes the medication with or without food as required. When our staff is there to help with meal prep and proper nutrition, seniors are reminded and encouraged to not only enjoy a wonderful meal but to also take their medication.

For seniors who are more independent, our elderly-care team can set up reminders on the senior's phone or create a check list for medications to take at different times of the day. In addition,we assist seniors in organizing their medications in pill organizers that make it easy for the senior to have all medications to take atone time in the same compartment.

Taking medications on time helps prevent missed medications or the risk of overdosing or doubling medications. It also helps seniors to manage health conditions more effectively from blood sugar levels to pain management.

How Do Capital City Nurses Manage Medications for your Loved Ones?

Our senior care program staff are very aware of the importance of the correct dosage of medications and taking meds at the right times throughout the day. Having our team complete medication management for your loved one provides stress reduction around medications for every one in the family.

We also monitor your loved one and report any changes in the physical or mental health of our clients. We work closely with the families and the senior to provide compassionate care that supports independent living for the senior for as long as possible.

When you are ready for more information about our professional senior care giving services in the Alexandria, VA, area, call us at (866)807-7307.

Posted on
October 27, 2022
Capital City Nurses