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Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely with Elderly Loved Ones

The importance of Thanksgiving Day

No matter the time of year we understand the importance of taking care of our elderly relatives We have a lot to thank them for, so what better way than to give thanks this Thanksgiving? At CapitalCity Nurses we’ll be doing just that by offering our expert in-home care services to you and your relatives. If you are unable to visit your elderly relatives this year then you have nothing to worry about as we will be there to give them the care they deserve, there are also many ways we’ll be able to facilitate safe celebrations.

How can you celebrate Thanksgiving in a safe way?

Through our senior companion program, we’ll always have someone on hand to be a caregiver and friend to our clients, a friend who can offer emotional support and professional senior care giving this Thanksgiving. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit your relatives  through our senior home care services we can help set up safe visitations this Thanksgiving by organizing outdoor visits. If you’re unable to visit your senior loved ones, we can organize a virtual dinner, so that you can see your loved ones and give thanks. We’ll help your relatives prepare their dinners and have computers set up so you can all see each other’s smiles on this Thanksgiving day. If you’re still unable to attend a virtual dinner then we’ll also be more than happy to facilitate you sending a gift to your elders to show just how much you care and love them.

How CapitalCity Nurses celebrate Thanksgiving with Seniors

With our senior home care in Alexandria, VA, Bethesda, MD, or any of the locations where we offer in-home care, we will continue to give the expert elderly care we always do. Our services include medication management to continued rehab and post-op care and mental health awareness.

Offering our home health care services to seniors in need is incredibly rewarding and we are proud and privileged to be able to do it every day.

To find out more about what CapitalCity Nurses will be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving safely call us today at (866)807-7307 or visit capitalcitynurses.com.

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November 16, 2022
Capital City Nurses