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Capital City Nurses Provide Emotional Support for Your Loved Ones

Throughout our lives, different types of emotional support are critical. When we are young, emotional support comes from our parents. As we get older, we have friends, partners, and spouses, and we develop different types of emotional support networks. For the elderly, the team at Capital City Nurses in Chevy Chase, MD provides a range of services that help build emotional support.

Our elderly parents and loved ones need different types of emotional support. The most important is safety and security, ensuring the senior has all of their safety and security needs met. It is important for the elderly to have autonomy and the ability to make decisions on their own once they have the necessary information and understanding. Finally, the elderly need continued connection with the world around them. This can include family, neighbors, friends, community members, and our Capital City Nurses senior care caregivers.

Why is Emotional Support Important for the Elderly?

Our in-home care services are designed to include emotional support for clients. Emotional support is the foundation of senior companionship programs, where caregivers spend time interacting and helping out with tasks of daily living.

As people get older, they are at higher risk for depression and loss of enjoyment in life. In-home care allows a dedicated, compassionate caregiver to have conversations, share inactivities, and help the senior feel independent and in control again.

Seniors in our home health care programs are encouraged to try new things, reconnect with friends,and even go on outings in the community. The caregiver helps plan these events, providing additional safety and security. When seniors are planning and doing things they enjoy, they are more engaged with the world around them, creating emotional support.

How Can We Care for the Elderly Person's Emotional Needs?

One of the most important ways we help the elderly meet their emotional needs is by ensuring their physical and mental health and safety. We provide rehab and post-op services, including a private duty nurse if necessary. Capital City Nurses also provide our seniors in Chevy Chase, MD with medication management, giving both the senior and the family peace of mind.

From companionship care to Alzheimer's and dementia care, our professional caregivers and nurses offer professional, compassionate, and caring support and services. We help our clients get out and enjoy life, be accepted, and have the reassurance that their health and well-being is in good hands.

How Do Capital City Nurses Help Your Loved One with Emotional Support?

All our senior care services in Chevy Chase, MD are customized to meet the individual client's needs. We carefully match our clients with the right caregiver, helping to build a bond and friendship quickly. Our caregivers work with the patient on a schedule that works for them and their family, providing the senior with emotional support and physical assistance to feel comfortable, confident, and secure while living at home.

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Posted on
August 18, 2022
Capital City Nurses