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Tips For Celebrating Father’s Day For Seniors Receiving In Home Care

Caring for aging parents at home is a goal for many adult children in and around McLean, VA. At Capital City Nurses, our goal is to provide the support needed for seniors to live safe, independent, and happy lives in their own homes or the homes of loved ones for as long as possible.

We customize home care assistance to meet the needs of your parents or grandparents. Our nurses and caregivers provide the necessary services to keep your loved ones safe and cared for when you cannot be there. Our in-home care services provide support with personal hygiene, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication management, and assistance with rehab and post-op care. We also provide senior companion services, providing a trusted, caring professional to spend time interacting with your loved one on a regular basis and eliminating concerns about the senior spending time alone.

Each of our staff members is experienced and trained in the best practices for in-home care. We provide your aging loved one with on going social interactions, and we get to know their interests, what they enjoy, and even encourage them to try new activities with our support. With customized senior care services in Mclean VA, your family never has to worry about your loved one being alone, even on special occasions like Father’s Day.

Fun Things to Do On Father’s Day

There are several activities that many families enjoy. Father’s Day is a wonderful time for the whole family to gather and do something special for fathers and grandfathers. Our home care assistance programs can help make these days special.

Some of the most popular choices in activities to celebrate this special day include:

  • Play favorite games – dominos, card games, or even board games are a fun way for the entire family to interact and share some fun. This is a great activity if the senior finds activities that require a lot of movement or walking a challenge.
  • Go fishing or to a park – getting out in the great outdoors and going for a walk, going fishing, or even driving to a favorite park and going for a stroll around the grounds is a favorite for many families.
  • Take in a game – look for a local baseball game or take the senior to a grandchild’s soccer game or another type of event or activity. Plan a picnic afterward or go to the senior’s favorite restaurant.
  • Create a video or a digital picture roll – find or take pictures of the family and create a unique digital picture collection or a short video of everyone in the family sending Father’s Day wishes. This is a great solution if the family members are not able to visit in person.

Capital City Nurses Provide Compassionate Senior Care Services in McLean, VA Throughout the Year

Our individual plans for elderly care services make every day positive foraging fathers and grandfathers throughout McLean, VA. Our teams of professionals can provide the level of care and attention needed for seniors to feel comfortable and confident living independently.

Hiring Capital City Nurses gives family members the peace of mind in knowing their elderly loved one is taking medications, maintaining their home and personal hygiene, and getting the assistance they need to live their best life during their senior years.

Posted on
June 13, 2022
Capital City Nurses