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Honor Your Parents With In-Home Care On This Global Day Of Parents

Most families celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day but may not realize there is a Global Day of Parents. This day of recognition was set aside by the United Nations and is celebrated on June 1st around the world.

The UN created the Global Day of Parents to focus attention on the critical role that parents play in all societies around the globe. The goal of the day, which was accepted and passed by a resolution of the United Nations on September 17th 2012, is to recognize how parents provide protection for their children while also fostering positive development and commitment of parents in raising their children.

At Capital City Nurses, we help families throughout Bethesda, MD, to celebrate and recognize their aging parents. On June 1st and throughout the year, we offer the services families need to help their senior parents stay at home, live as independently as they can, and enjoy quality life with the supports in place for their health, safety, and emotional well being. Our in-home care in Bethesda, MD provides the support needed for aging parents to feel comfortable, confident, and cared for every day of the year.

Honoring Parents with the Gift of In-Home Care

Many seniors are uncomfortable about asking for help and support. They do not want to worry or bother their adult children, so they struggle to live independently and continue to care for themselves, their homes, and their families.

Adult children can offer the gift of home care assistance from Capital City Nurses. We work with seniors in their own homes or the homes of loved ones to provide support, care, and companionship.

Our elderly care services include several different types of programs, all designed to meet various levels of need. Each of our senior clients first undergoes a complete evaluation by our trained RNs. This evaluation is completed with compassion and care, ensuring we understand your parent's needs.

Working with the senior and the family, we then develop a home care assistance plan customized to those needs. Each senior care plan is unique to the individual and includes support for a range of different services, including medication management, meal preparation and lighthouse work support, and senior companionship services. We also provide rehab and post-op care either in a facility or at the senior's current residence.

The benefits of our elderly care services to the senior and the family are immeasurable. The senior has the care needed to live at home and remain independent. At the same time, the family has peace of mind in knowing there is a trained, professional caregiver monitoring and managing their loved one's physical and mental health.

How Do Capital City Nurses Take Special Care of Your Parents?

At Capital City Nurses, we treat your parents like our own. We provide the services they need in Bethesda, MD, to enjoy life in comfortable, familiar surroundings and in their own community and neighborhood. From meal preparation to companionship and personal hygiene care to light housekeeping, our dedicated caregivers are here to provide the support your aging parent needs to live confidently on their own.

For more information about our services reach out to Capital City Nurses at 770.800.0537.

Posted on
May 31, 2022
Capital City Nurses