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National Grandparents Day: Inspiring Our Grandparents to Stay Healthy and Engaged

National Grand parents Day began as a suggestion from a nine-year-old boy to President Nixon in 1969. President Nixon did not have a Congressional resolution to set up the special day at the time. In 1973 Senator Jennings Randolph did introduce the resolution, although it did not pass. Marian McQuade, an advocate for seniors, made it her mission to get the day recognized, which finally occurred in 1978. President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation for the official recognition of the special day.

Throughout the world, Grandparents Day is celebrated at different times and in different months. National Grandparents Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day in the USA. It is a time for honoring grandparents and for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together.

At Capital City Nurses, we see National Grandparents Day as a wonderful way for the whole family to inspire and support grandparents to lead a healthy, engaged life. For many seniors, our home health care companions provide a safe home environment, companionship, and engagement to help them continue to live at home and stay connected with their families.

Physical Health and Health Checkups

As a leading home health care agency, Capital City Nurses develops customized programs for all our clients. We consider the senior's health and fitness levels and encourage them to walk, do yoga, and build in regular exercise throughout the day. For some seniors, particularly those in rehab and post op, our providers assist with physical therapy and exercises to speed healing and recovery.

We also help our seniors with proper nutrition, including buying groceries and making healthy meals. We help promote a balanced diet that includes lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, and we also monitor water intake to keep seniors hydrated. Staff also provide medication management and remind seniors of medical appointments and regular health and wellness checkups.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

As part of our companionship care program, our compassionate caregivers help seniors to stay mentally engaged. This includes working with the seniors on puzzles, memory games, reading, and even learning games to play on their phone, tablet, or computer.

The providers of our elderly care services in Washington, DC,advocate and support our clients in social interactions and connections in the community. We provide transportation and support for getting out and about and are available to accompany seniors to activities and meetings with friends and family.

Our emotional support services include mindfulness and relaxation techniques that help to manage depression. This is an effective tool in our Alzheimer's and dementia care programs as well,supporting seniors to reduce anxiety by remaining grounded and present.

Staying Engaged

A major focus for our home health care agency is to provide teaching and mentoring for both the senior and the family. Many of our seniors work with our companions to learn new technologies to stay connected with friends and family.

On National Grandparents Day, we also support and encourage grandparents to spend time in activities that strengthen the bonds with their grandchildren. Staying active and engaged with the family provides another loving adult in the child's life while also helping the senior to enjoy time with the younger generation.

Staying active and focusing on physical, emotional, and mental health through connections with the family is critical. Celebrating the wisdom and love grandparents bring to the family on this special day is just one of the ways to show how much we care.

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Posted on
September 8, 2023
Capital City Nurses