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Comprehensive In-Home Care Solutions By Capital City Nurses On National Promise To Care Day

National Promise to Care Day is held annually on August 1stin the United States. Capital City Nurses recognizes this day as our time to focus on and commit to our role in providing the best and most comprehensive in-home care solutions for our clients.

Our focus is on providing customized solutions for in-home care throughout Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. As a leading home health care agency, we focus on holistic support for our clients and their families, creating programs that are constantly evaluated and adjusted to meet the needs of the individual.

A few of the key services we offer include:

  • Compassionate assistance – our compassionate nursing and caregiver programs help the senior to have the assistance they need from trained, caring professionals. We can assist with personal hygiene, toileting, bathing, dressing, and feeding, all completed with respect to preserve the dignity of our clients. As caregivers work with seniors on an ongoing basis, the senior knows and trusts our staff and understands our goal is their best care.
  • Medication Management – for rehab and post-op clients or for those taking medications, our staff monitors the use of medications, providing peace of mind for both seniors and the family. We also assist seniors with physical therapy exercises and motivation to stay physically active at an appropriate level. This is an important role and prevents seniors from incorrectly combining medications, missing doses, or doubling up on doses. We also support our clients to attend doctor's visits and work with the senior and their family to discuss any concerns with their medical providers. We focus on safety and adherence to medication protocols for the protection of our clients.
  • Specialized programs – for clients requiring Alzheimer's and dementia care, our highly trained and experienced staff provides necessary services while also providing companionship and social engagement. We also monitor the senior and adjust the plan as needed to add services to manage depression or add stress reduction support.
  • Family involvement – our caregivers work closely with the family. We provide resources, ensure the family is informed of any changes in the senior's health and well-being, and assist the family in staying engaged with their loved one.
  • Continuous improvement – Capital City Nurses is committed to constantly evolving and enhancing the services we offer our clients and their families. Through ongoing staff training and integrating the latest in research for the elderly, we utilize the best practices in all aspects of our services.

At Capital City Nurses, we hire only the best caregiver and provide advanced training to ensure our compassionate, caring staff offers the best services to our clients. To find out more about Capital CityNurses and our commitment to patient care, call us today at866-807-7307.

Posted on
August 1, 2023
Capital City Nurses