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Steps to Reduce the Risk of Falls in Seniors

Falls are a significant risk to seniors. According to reporting from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in four seniors over the age of 65 will have a fall each year, with these falls the leading cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries for older adults.

Falls also result in increasing the symptoms and health issues a senior is experiencing before the fall. Falls are also linked to decreased mobility and even increased fear of walking or moving inside or outside, all of which negatively impact the senior.

At Capital City Nurses, we provide in-home skilled nursing care staff to help your loved ones to be safe in their homes. We also offer rehab and post-op support, assisting the elderly to gain strength, balance, and confidence in getting up and moving about in and outside of their homes. Physical therapy for seniors is also instrumental in helping seniors to improve their mobility and to recover and heal after injuries or surgical procedures.

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Falls in Seniors

Our in-home care services include a range of services to help make the home safe and reduce the risk of falls. This can include removing area rugs, adding handrails in the bathrooms, ensuring stairs are safe for the senior, and looking at possible risks in the home or around the home. Correcting these issues can help to prevent falls.

In addition, there are several other ways to help reduce the risk of falls. Some of these are fun to do and will put a smile on your loved one’s face when they work with our compassionate staff:

  • Daily exercise – walking with our staff helps to increase strength and mobility while also enhancing mental wellness through companionship and social interactions. Encouraging and supporting seniors in getting more active is always an important part of our care plans.
  • Proper footwear – footwear that fits correctly and offers anti-slip soles helps to reduce slips and falls inside and outside of the home. Old slippers and other shoes that are easy to fall off when walking should not be worn.
  • Adaptive exercise – working on specific ways to move or to go up and down stairs can help with balance and strength.
  • Minimize Hazards – reducing dangerous areas in the home by making changes to create level surfaces, avoid anything that is a tripping hazard, and providing medication management for seniors to ensure medications are not leading to dizziness or other potential problems.

How Does Capital City Nurses Assist Seniors in Lowering Their Risk of Falling?

The staff at Capital City Nurses will continue to assess the situation and work with the senior to reduce the risks of falls. We help with personal hygiene, ensuring someone is thereto help seniors in the shower and the tub.

We also provide emotional support as they work through exercises and learn new ways to navigate through their home. With personalized plans, all our seniors enjoy customized in-home care services that meet their unique needs.

More information on the services offered by Capital City Nurses is available at (866) 807-7307.

Posted on
April 27, 2023
Capital City Nurses