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World Mental Health Day: Nurturing Peace Of Mind Through Home Health Care Services

Established by the World Federation for Mental Health, World Mental Health Day is celebrated in over 150 countries around the globe. First celebrated in 1992, the goal of this day is to overcome the stigma and discrimination experienced by many people who have mental health conditions.

This is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals, therapists, and health professionals who provide services to individuals of all ages. Increasing awareness of mental health treatments and services helps enlighten others and create a healthy space to talk about these issues locally, nationally, and internationally.

Capital CityNurses provides in-home care throughout the Alexandria, VA, area to help with senior home care. Our services support the emotional, mental,and physical health of our clients, and our professional senior care giving staff focuses on addressing mental health conditions that are seen in the elderly population.

The Roll of Home Health Care and Mental Health

As a trusted home health care agency, the staff at Capital City Nurses focuses on more than just physical care for our elderly clients. We do provide medication management, rehab,and post-op care, and help with activities of daily living.

Caring for the physical health of our clients creates a caring and compassionate relationship between the senior and the caregiver. This trust makes it easy for our senior home care staff to communicate, interact, and socialize with the seniors, helping to reduce isolation, depression, and anxiety in older adults.

In addition, getting out for exercise, interacting with support in the community, and having a professional to help with home-based physical therapy for seniors helps seniors stay active physically and mentally.

Personalized Home Health Care Services in Alexandria, VA

Having a trusted, well-known professional providing senior care services allows the individual to live at home for as long as possible. The personalized level of assistance and independence gives the senior the safety and support needed to feel confident and cared for when the family is unable to be present.

Capital CityNurses provides a full initial assessment of the senior, and then our home care manager develops a personalized care plan. Our staff continually monitor the senior, and the plan is adjusted as needs change.

We offer a range of different services, from senior companionship care to tailored therapy for Alzheimer's and dementia. Patient, compassionate, and caring, home care for seniors adds a level of safety, security, and professional services that give both the senior and the family peace of mind.

Support for Families

In addition to our work with our senior clients, our team of caregivers is also available to support the family and caregivers. We answer questions, provide education, and help the family to create a safe environment as the senior's needs change over time.

We work with the senior and the family to help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and understand mental health issues specific to the senior. Prioritizing health as a caregiver to a loved one is also our goal,and we are always here to provide the information, support, and services needed.

World Mental Health Day is a great time to ask questions and learn more about caring for yourself and your loved one. Prioritizing mental health is a gift you can give to the whole family.

For more details on how Capital City Nurses can help your elderly loved ones, reach us online or call us at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
October 10, 2023
Capital City Nurses