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September is National Falls Prevention Month. We know the scary statistics regarding falls in

Activities for Seniors – Enjoy Safe Gardening for Seniors

Gardening is an ideal way for seniors to get an aerobic workout.

Dementia Patients’ Safety in Home Nursing Care

Dementia patients require specialized care. If you want to provide your loved one who lives at

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care: Managing Behavioral Changes

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia cause brain cells to die slowly

Companion Care: Let Them Feel Loved

No matter who you are, we all have a common want and need: love.

Consider Home Care for an Elderly Relative in This Pandemic Situation

Older people are more vulnerable to severe illnesses during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Heart of Caregiving: A Guide to Joyful Caring

More than 65 million Americans go through their daily demands of work, home, kids

How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Home Health Care?

If you or a loved one are thinking about home health care, but aren’t sure how available it is

COVID-19 and Coronavirus: Caregiving for the Elderly

Everything is up for a reassessment these days, as the coronavirus changes the way we live.

Lockdown Activities for an Elderly Loved One

Efforts to flatten the curve these days include encouraging people to stay at home.

What We are Doing To Keep You Safe

As we continue to work through these uncharted waters caused by Coronavirus,

How to Handle Stress When Caring for the Elderly

Taking care of an aging family member often requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.