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Dementia Patients’ Safety in Home Nursing Care

Dementia patients require specialized care. If you want to provide your loved one who lives at home with the right care environment, you should hire experts. Work together with an agency to find home care staff that can look after the needs of your loved one.

Design a safe environment

Experienced staff can help you design a safe home environment for your family member with dementia. They know what measures to take to patient-proof your home. This includes improving your security to make sure your family member doesn’t get access to the front door or gate. There are many cases where patients with dementia go missing. Hiring home care nurses can prevent this problem.

Ensure they take their meds

It can be tough to track your loved one’s intake of medication. If you can’t watch over your loved one at all times, an expert home caregiver can take over medication management duties. That way, you can be certain that the patient is taking their medication at the appropriate times. Many antibiotics, for instance, need to be taken according to a strict schedule. A nursing care companion or caregiver can give your loved one their medication to ensure they don’t miss a dose. This also prevents your family member from taking another dose by mistake if they forget they’ve already taken the first one, preventing a potential overdose.

Monitor quality of care

If you and other members of your family take turns providing care to your loved one with dementia but don’t all have expertise in doing so, you may be doing something wrong. Prevent mistakes that could compromise the quality of care your family member receives. Look for a home caregiver with experience in providing care to dementia patients. Their expertise, knowledge, and skills will ensure that your parents or grandparents receive proper care.

Provide specialized help

Every patient and family is unique. Hiring a home caregiver gives you the opportunity to work with someone who can provide personalized care services or assistance.. This can make a huge difference. They can monitor the condition of the patient and provide you with more information about what’s coming, what you can expect, and how you and the rest of your family can prepare for what’s ahead.

Loving and caring for someone with dementia comes with plenty of challenges. Get the help you need when you contact Capital City Nurses today.

Posted on
September 24, 2020