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Activities for Seniors – Enjoy Safe Gardening for Seniors

Gardening is an ideal way for seniors to get an aerobic workout. Being in nature also helps reduce stress, contributes to better physical wellbeing, and improves one’s mental health. If you want your loved one to enjoy all those benefits, encourage your elderly parent or grandparent to start gardening.

Challenges of gardening

Some of the routine tasks of gardening may be a bit difficult for your loved one to perform. Bending and lifting, as well as kneeling or squatting, are all hard on one’s knees, especially if those knees are already weak. Pruning or weeding may be beyond your loved one’s capabilities.

Make things easier

One thing you can do to make life easier for your elderly loved one is hiring a care companion who can handle all the tasks they can’t do themselves. That way, they can still enjoy gardening without having to handle any of the tasks that already prove challenging for them. That’s a creative way of accommodating their needs and limitations.

How to choose a caregiver

Look for a home care agency that’s been in the industry for years. Longevity in the business is often a sign that the company is a reputable and trustworthy one. Ask about their hiring process. Do they have a strict selection process? Do they perform background checks? If you’re going to put your loved ones’ care into the caregiver’s hands, you need to make sure you hire someone who can deliver the best possible care to them. If the agency has a ton of negative reviews, that’s a possible red flag. Consider your options and look elsewhere.

Qualities you should look for

When you start doing interviews, don’t just focus on the caregiver’s credentials and qualifications. Ask about their previous experiences, as well. Get a sense of the person. Do you think the caregiver’s personality is a good match for your loved one’s personality? Are they as compassionate as they are competent? You’ll need to consider these factors before you hire anyone.

Gardening can be a fun outdoor activity for your senior family members. Let them enjoy these activities while they can by providing them with gardening assistance and help. Look for the best home caregivers. Contact Capital City Nurses today.

Posted on
September 24, 2020