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World Health Day: Let’s Spread The Word About The Importance Of Elder Healthcare

World Health Day is sponsored by WHO, the World Health Organization, and is recognized on April 7th of every year. World Health Day is one of eight annual global health awareness campaigns and events sponsored by WHO. It celebrates the day that WHO was recognized by health bodies and organizations worldwide.

The first global health gathering was in 1948, but it wasn’t until1950 that April 7th was officially recognized as World Health Day. Every year, World Health Day is based on a theme. In2023, the theme is “Health for All” and it is designed to focus on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the World Health Organization.

Focusing on Seniors

Capital City Nurses recognizes the importance of health and wellness initiatives in caring for seniors. Our in-home care is customized to meet the needs of each of our clients, adding medication management, senior care companionship services, and creating a safe home environment for seniors to stay in familiar, comfortable, and supportive surroundings.

We also provide rehab and post-op services through our skilled nursing care. We focus on helping seniors and families overcome the barriers and challenges of staying at home by assisting with physical, medical, and companion services that are critical to the well-being of seniors.

Unfortunately, seniors often feel they have limited choices to stay in their own home or the home of a loved one. At Capital City Nurses, we provide the customized care and support services needed for seniors to feel confident and safe living at home while the family has peace of mind their loved one is cared for, both emotionally as well as physically.

Our Senior Care Services in Frederick, MD

Capital City Nurses offers a customized approach to caring for seniors based on their unique health and wellness requirements. Our Geriatric Care Manager oversees each treatment and support plan, which is modified to meet any changes in required services.

Home health care helps seniors recover faster after health issues, accidents, or injuries through support with daily activities, assistance around the home, and physical therapy for seniors. Our focus on individual services and our highly trained and compassionate staff ensures that our senior clients are provided the care they need to thrive in their home environment.

Our services also include essential senior mental health support. Our senior care companion programs focus on interactions, socialization, and building positive relationships for seniors who may feel isolated and alone. We help seniors manage depression, which is a significant risk in the senior population. Interacting with our staff, going on outings, attending appointments, and staying engaged in the community at appropriate levels for the senior are essential components of our senior care program.

As your home health care agency in Frederick, MD, we are here to promote senior health and wellness and support families to care for their loved ones at home. We celebrate and recognize the importance of elder healthcare on World Health Day and every other day of the year.

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Posted on
April 10, 2023
Capital City Nurses