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How In-Home Care Helps Seniors Recover Faster After Hospital Discharge?

Here at CapitalCity Nurses, we take great pride in our home health care services, treating your loved ones like our own family. There are many facets to our in-home care from everyday personal care to emotional support and maintaining senior brain health through our companionship care. We also offer help with mobility, ambulation, and rehab & post-op care following discharge from the hospital.

Why is in-home care so important after hospital discharge?

It’s proven that we always heal quicker when our mental health is in a good place and relaxed, and rarely is there a place more comforting than our own home, especially after a stressful ordeal like a stay in the hospital. We will always do what we can to allow our clients to get home and start relaxing and healing at their full capacity. Helping our clients to live as normally as they can as soon as they can have proven time and again to help heal quicker than in a hospital bed. A happy mind is a happy body.

How do in-home care services at Capital City Nurses help seniors to recover quicker after hospital discharge?

From the comfort of your loved one’s own home, our caregivers help them with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. We’ll also be able to help with safe visits from family and friends to keep their morale up and transport them to any social occasions and hospital visits, making transport one less thing to worry about. Part of our in-home care in Potomac, MD, Alexandria, VA, or any of our other locations, we also offer medication management, so we can always make sure that your relatives are taking the correct medication at the correct time.

As part of our senior companion program, we will be there for our clients as a friend, to always be sure to bolster their mental health, which especially helps to boost recovery time. We also keep our clients engaged with conversation and activities like letter writing, games, arts and crafts, and anything to make them feel better . We truly treat our clients as companion sand friends, and we take great pride in seeing them flourish as part of our professional senior care giving.

Our senior care in Potomac MD is as important to us as looking after our own relatives, they are the very reason we are here, and we respect them and treat them as such. To find out more about our rehabilitation in our in-home care services call us today at (866)807-7307 or see our services available at capitalcitynurses.com.

Posted on
December 7, 2022
Capital City Nurses