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Importance of Social Wellness for the Elderly and How Home Care Can Help

Social wellness, essentially the positive effect your friends have on your mental and physical health, is important for everyone, but this is especially true for seniors.  As seniors become less active and more isolated in their lives due to limited mobility, staying engaged with their friends on a regular basis is key to maintaining good physical and mental health.

Importance of Social Wellness for Seniors

Seniors receive many benefits from social wellness. One benefit is that they have better emotional health.  They have more self-esteem when they engage in hobbies and activities with others.  An other benefit they gain from social wellness is improved cognitive function.  Research has shown that the more engagement they have with others, the better their cognitive function is, which leads to better reasoning skills,better working memory, and a greater ability to concentrate on tasks.

Some other benefits include better physical health because they are socializing with their friends while working out, which makes it more likely they’ll want to work out regularly.  Regular exercise will improve their physical health, which will make them feel better about themselves, improving their mental and emotional health.  In many cases, seniors who have good social wellness tend to live longer and have more fulfilling lives.  One final benefit of good social wellness is that they sleep better.

Howto Improve Social Wellness in Seniors

One way to improve a senior’s social wellness is to think of hobbies they enjoy already or would enjoy if they haven’t participated in them before and encourage them to participate in them.  It will lead them to focus on improving their skills in that hobby, plus can lead to them finding other people who like the same hobby, potentially leading them to make new friends,further improving their social wellness.

An other way to improve a senior’s social wellness is to encourage them to join an exercise or gym group. They will use the physical activity to improve their physical and mental health, plus enable them to socialize with other people near their age to form new friendships.

A third way is to encourage the person to join an organization or cause that they are passionate about.  Joining such a cause will give them added motivation to get up, move about, and stay focused on the tasks needed to advocate that cause.

How Capital City Nurses is Available to Help Seniors

CapitalCity Nurses provides quality home care in Great Falls, VA, and the surrounding areas to ensure a safe home environment for your elderly loved ones. We provide in-home care, rehab and post-op, and medication management to aid their physical and mental health and help with stress reduction. This includes physical therapy for seniors to help them recover from their injuries and resulting surgeries and help boost their social wellness.

Our senior companion program, companionship care, and senior care program enable us to provide professional senior care giving to your loved one, which can help improve their self-esteem and boost their social wellness.  Our experienced caregivers will help your loved one with whatever tasks they need assistance with in an uplifting, caring manner to boost their social wellness.

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September 21, 2023
Capital City Nurses