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How To Stay Active And Engaged In Alexandria, VA, Through Home Care Services

One essential aspect of health and wellness for people of any age is to be intentionally active. As we age, it is normal to adjust the level of daily activity, but never to stop being active through both physical and mental exercise and events.

Capital City Nurses specializes in providing in home care that addresses the holistic needs of our seniors. We provide home care services in and around Alexandria, VA, that support our clients in staying active based on their current health and physical fitness levels.

Benefits of Staying Active

Seniors who choose to stay mentally and physically active are less likely to have both mental and physical problems. This includes a lower risk of developing depression, joint and musculoskeletal pain, heart conditions, and dementia, and it helps to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our senior home care services help seniors develop customized daily exercise and activity routines that support their current fitness levels and help them to continue to stay mobile and active. We also work closely to provide senior care during rehab and post-op, working with our clients to support daily exercise routines developed by their physical therapists and rehab teams.  

We tailor the activities based on effective exercise for seniors that also appeals to each unique individual. Our companionship care staff provides encouragement, recognition, and a friend to go for walks, do a workout, or attend a fitness class or the local gym.

Outdoor Activities

As a local home care agency in Alexandria, VA, we know a wide range of parks, historical sites, and outdoor venues that are ideal for seniors. Walking on familiar paths through local parks is a great way to provide physical and mental stimulation while connecting seniors to the community.

Outdoor events such as baseball games, community fairs, and outdoor arts and crafts shows are also wonderful venues to provide social interaction and physical exercise.

Indoor Activities

Your Capital City Nurses home care assistance can recommend various indoor activities that provide both social engagement and physical activity. Taking a senior’s dance class, going bowling, attending a senior’s fitness program, or creating a space in the home to workout are all services our staff provide for clients.

Our focus is to provide elderly care that is tailored to the needs of our clients and their families. While we do focus on physical activities, we always consider how to build social engagement. When seniors have the added benefit of building friendships through activities, they are more likely to stick with routines and incorporate activities into their lives.

Brain games and mental activities are included in part of our in-home care services. Playing cards, and board games, and engaging in conversations helps seniors to be involved. With a personalized focus on caregiving for the elderly, we take a holistic look at caring for our clients.

Daily Routines

Our healthcare providers help establish daily routines for exercise, social engagement, daily hygiene, meals, and medication management. In addition to helping seniors and families develop these routines, we also provide fall prevention strategies and help create a sleep environment that supports a great night’s rest.

The home nursing care and companionship programs are customized for seniors. We work closely with the family to ensure everything from medication management for seniors to physical activity and social engagement are addressed, monitored, and assessed on an ongoing basis.

Seniors benefit from daily physical and mental exercise and activity. Capital City Nurses in Alexandria, VA, offers unique support and assistance to seniors and families in the area. To find out more, call us today at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
December 13, 2023
Capital City Nurses