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Healthy Aging Tips For Seniors In Great Falls, VA: Nutrition, Exercise, And Mental Wellness

Healthy aging is a relatively new term, but the concept is not new.Healthy aging focuses on creating habits and routines that help anyone to stay vibrant, active, and socially connected as they get older. We stress the importance of exercise, nutrition, and mental wellness in all of our companionship care services.

At Capital CityNurses, we specialize in elderly care in Great Falls, VA, that focuses on the essential pillars of healthy aging. Our team providing home nursing care and senior home care services works with the senior and the family to develop health habits and routines that are highly effective. Each of our clients has a customized care plan, and we constantly assess the needs of our clients and adjust the in-home care as needed for safety and support for both the senior and the family.

Nutrition Essentials for Health

There is a significant amount of research about the importance of balanced nutrition in both physical and mental wellness. As people age, they often experience changes in appetite, difficulty with meal prep, and making balanced food choices. Our team of healthcare providers works with the seniors for meal prep and feeding support, and we are always here to help the family understand healthy nutritional choices for seniors.

We also stress the importance of staying hydrated. Dehydration is common in seniors, and it can lead to a range of health problems. We provide strategies and supportive methods for seniors to ensure they are drinking enough throughout the day.

Exercise for Mobility and Physical Health

Our caregivers support patients during rehab and post-op to complete physical therapy exercises and stay mobile and active. We also work with all our clients to engage in appropriate levels of physical activity, which helps with mental wellness, and physical health, and can help to improve sleep and appetite.

We work with the senior and the family to find local fitness options, from senior walking or dance groups to going to a local gym for a Silver Sneakers workout. Exercise for seniors can be creative and should be something that the senior enjoys doing on a regular basis.

Mental Wellness for Life

Depression, anxiety, and isolation are common issues that seniors in the are a deal with if they are alone. With our compassionate caregivers, the senior has a trusted friend to talk to and interact with throughout the day.

Our staff also provides companionship and transportation to activities in the community. This could include attending seniors center events throughout the Great Falls, VA, area or visiting with friends and family. Getting out and interacting with others is critical for mental wellness and feeling connected to the world.

Quality Sleep

The various factors listed above will help seniors enjoy a better quality of sleep. Our elderly care specialists can also help the family or the senior to create the best sleep environment to support falling a sleep faster and staying asleep longer.

In addition, we also work with seniors and families to ensure medication management and regular visits to healthcare providers are a priority. Regular visits to the primary care physician or specialist can help with the early detection of health changes. Medication management for seniors helps prevent missed or added dosages that can have potentially serious health risks.

As part of our services, we also work with the family on fall prevention. Small changes in the indoor and outdoor environment around the home make it safer for the senior to move about on his or her own.

If you are interested in learning more about our care giving for the elderly services in Great Falls, VA, reach us at 866-807-7307 or contact us online.

Posted on
October 25, 2023
Capital City Nurses