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Plan Advance Care for Your Loved Ones on National Healthcare Decisions Day

In many families, talking about advance care for loved ones is a very difficult subject. Sometimes adult children find it uncomfortable to ask about issues that are emotionally painful to consider. Talking about end of life decisions should be a natural part of the health plan process. Communicating the wishes of your loved one and formalizing them in Advance Directive documents ensures there is never any confusion or misunderstanding about the wishes of the loved one when it comes to end of life situations and care decisions.

Having an advance plan for caring for a parent or loved one is the best way to provide a safe home environment, companionship care, and to ensure your loved ones are able to stay in their homes as long as possible. Advanced planning also includes completing specific documents that stipulate your wishes should you become in capacitated or unable to make these decisions for yourself.

NHDD or National Healthcare Decisions Day, is the perfect time to have these conversations. The staff at CapitalCity Nurses can also assist in providing resources and helping their patients and families to communicate about these essential decisions for end of life care.

Introduction to National Health care Decisions Day (NHDD)

This is a day that is designed to promote healthy, positive, and educated decisions within families and between patients and medical professionals to discuss advance planning. This typically includes completing an Advance Directive, which is a written document of your wishes if you become unable to make medical decisions on your own behalf.

Having an Advance Directive in place is a gift for your loved ones. The family does not have to try to determine what their loved one would want; it is provided in clear, specific language through the forms. In some cases, talking about this as afamily is helpful for both the elderly individual as well as the family members.

How to Plan Advance Care for Your Loved Ones?

Typically, when patients are accessing in-home care or skilled nursing care, the medical staff will discuss the option of completing the Advance Directive forms. However, it is a good idea for any adult to have an Advance Directive in place in the event of an accident, disease, or emergency situation. Talking about your plans, which may include during rehab and post-op recovery, is a practical way to address the situation on NHDD. Having patients say in their homes help seniors recover faster and feel comfortable in their own environment.

Features of Home Care Services Provided by Capital City Nurses

Capital City Nurses is a leading provider of professional, compassionate, and personalized home healthcare in Washington, DC. Our skilled staff can provide medication management, physical therapy for seniors, and also assist the senior to manage depression through activities, companionship, and socialization.

We also provide Alzheimer's and dementia care services, providing a safe and familiar home environment as long as possible.

For more information on the services we offer throughout Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas, call Capital City Nurses at (866)807-7307.

Posted on
April 20, 2023
Capital City Nurses