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How Can Senior Care Boost Quality Of Life?

As people age, it can become difficult to do many of the things they used to enjoy. Adding in-home care for seniors in Bethesda, MD provides the opportunity for seniors to have one-on-one support and assistance to live as independently as possible and to continue to enjoy the things that they love to do.

At Capital City Nurses, we focus on providing a scope of services to support seniors to continue to live an independent, active life based on their abilities. Our senior care is individualized to meet the needs of each of our seniors. We also offer personalized services, so family members have peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving care tailored to their needs.

The Importance of Senior Care

There are several reasons why home care services are so important for both seniors and family members. There is the peace of mind for family members in knowing that their loved one is well taken care of even when they are not at home.

For seniors, having home care services means that they can live independently on their own for as long as possible. Our staff is available to do a range of services to help the seniors in their home or in the home of the loved one. The services range from companionship care to medication management and rehab and post op care to address the special needs that seniors may have when recovering from illness, surgery, or other medical issues.

Another important consideration with our elderly care assistance is our initial assessment and ongoing assessment of the needs of the senior. With this in place, our program changes to meet different needs, adding levels of safety and care as needed. Our experienced staff can make these assessments and provide information to the family in a timely manner to help make sure everybody is on the same page and understands the safety concerns for the senior.

How Can Senior Care Improve the Life of Seniors?

Seniors working with our staff in senior companion programs will have a range of different support services. These include,but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in outdoor activities – this could be walking, gardening, going to the park, or just getting out in the community.
  • In-home care – security in working with the same in-home care helps the senior to be comfortable and well-cared for in their own home.
  • Improved safety – we can detect possible safety concerns in the home and correct the problem or talk to the family. Issues like area rugs, stairways, and other factors can pose risks the family has not considered.

We also work with families in Bethesda, MD to coordinate visits with the senior, provide companionship services, help with financial management, and the use of elder care benefits and services, and to increase the senior’s quality of life through our home care services.

Our Services

Each of the services offered by Capital City Nurses is customized for the individual. Our patients and their families in the Bethesda, MD area will find services available, including:

  • Personal care – support for daily activities
  • Companionship – interaction and support for patients based on their specific needs
  • Medication reminders – medication management and monitoring
  • Fall prevention – assistance with home safety and in safe practices to prevent falls.

For more information on our elderly care assistance services contact the office at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
July 7, 2022
Capital City Nurses