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The Importance Of Continuity Of Care In Home Health Care In Alexandria, VA

As people age, there is a greater likelihood of having to manage various health issues, including diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, COPD, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, as well as Alzheimer's and dementia. Many of these conditions require specialists, meaning the senior's healthcare team may include many doctors and healthcare providers.

Continuity of care is a concept in healthcare that refers to the use of the same professionals to treat the patient, in this case, the senior. All healthcare team members communicate with each other, and information on the patient is shared effectively to provide more comprehensive and effective treatment. In addition, our team is involved with the senior, offering an additional level of support and continuity.

Capital CityNurses specializes in providing home health care in Alexandria, VA. As part of our geriatric home care services, our elderly care providers work with the family and the senior to set medical appointments, support the senior in sharing information with their doctors, and ensure information is communicated between the treatment team. This is particularly important for our Alzheimer's and dementia patients, who may have difficulty answering questions and providing the information to their medical professionals.

For many seniors, the use of electronic health records by medical professionals is helpful, ensuring up-to-date information is available at appointments. However, having the support of our senior companion program staff at these appointments ensures that vital information is not forgotten and communicated during the meeting with the doctor.

The Importance of Continuity of Care

The most important aspect of continuity of care for our in-home care patients is a better quality of life, improved outcomes for treatment, and increased satisfaction for the senior. Through our home care services and medication management, seniors never have to worry about incorrect dosages, missed medication, or healthcare appointments. We also ensure all members of the treatment team are aware of prescription and over-the-counter medications to reduce the risk of dangerous drug interactions.

Our in-home care also includes rehab and post-op treatment support, including ensuring our patients have proper nutrition, complete their rehab exercises, and have the emotional support they need to stay positive throughout their recovery. The trained staff at Capital City Nurses also provide a full range of services to support the seniors, including assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, and daily activities.

Without compassionate nursing and this continuity of care, there is a greater risk of communication gaps that may negatively impact the senior. It may also result in fragmented care, which may create additional symptoms and challenges for the senior.

Care Coordination and Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Our home care assistance in Alexandria, VA, focuses on care coordination tailored to the needs of each patient. Each senior has a geriatric home care manager who creates a treatment plan and modifies the plan as needed to support the senior's changing needs.

This is highly effective in reducing readmissions to the hospital as early detection of changes in the senior's physical and mental health are recorded and assessed. We are also able to communicate this information to the family and the healthcare providers to quickly address potential health issues before they become more complicated and complex.

Our staff works with the family and the medical team to prepare for potential emergencies or crises. Our team's continuity of care plans give everyone peace of mind and comfort in knowing how to respond should these emergencies occur.

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Posted on
January 3, 2024
Capital City Nurses