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Reducing Stress: Emotional Support for Seniors During Post-Surgery Recovery at Home

Recovering after a surgical procedure is difficult for anyone, but it can be stressful and overwhelming for a senior. Staying in a medical facility and away from home can compound the stress, and many seniors and their families turn to Capital City Nurses to provide exceptional in-home care during rehab and post-op.

In addition to helping with physical therapy and daily activities for our clients,our team of highly trained and experienced caregivers provides emotional support. We offer a variety of techniques and options geared towards improving the quality of life for seniors by reducing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed during the recovery process.

Emotional Needs of Seniors During Recovery

Mental wellness is a critical aspect of post-surgical care.Seniors can feel very vulnerable and anxious about their recovery and ability to live independently. Seniors may also feel they are a burden to the family despite the family providing constant reassurance they are loved and valued.

While all aspects of physical recovery are important, there is an equal need for emotional care. This is a critical time for seniors who may begin to experience anxiety or depression. Providing companion care and techniques to manage stress can help prevent these mental health issues from becoming an additional challenge for the senior.

Soothing Environments and Supportive Conversations

Creating a comfortable, soothing, and safe home environment is essential for seniors. Our home care assistance professionals in Alexandria,VA, work closely with the family to create the optimal physical space for the senior while also encouraging conversations and interactions with friends and family.

An important part of our in-home care services is the conversations our team has with the seniors. This not only helps prevent feelings of isolation but also encourages the senior to talk about the challenges, emotions,and feelings they may be experiencing. It is often easier for the senior to discuss these issues with our companion care staff than with family members.

Our caregivers assist the family in focusing on active listening skills and validating the emotions the senior expresses. Listening to the message and meaning of what the senior is saying and recognizing their concerns helps to understand their experiences and find meaningful ways to address problems.

Teaching seniors mindfulness and medication practices is also a benefit during recovery. Breathing techniques and meditation help to reduce pain and stress while also helping to create physical and mental relaxation.

Adding Structure and Decision-Making Opportunities

There are significant benefits to developing routine and emotional wellness activities throughout the day. Having routines makes medication management for seniors easier by pairing medication with meals or as required based on the prescription. Completing physical therapy exercises at a specific time helps to create a predictable pattern for the day and prevents missed exercise sessions if the day becomes busy.

Eating regularly throughout the day and including proper nutrition in meal planning can also help with a faster recovery. Encouraging the senior to make decisions on meals, their care, and how to overcome challenges is empowering for both the senior and the family.

Caring for a senior after surgery requires both physical and emotional support. Our caregivers at Capital City Nurses offer compassionate and caring support to help your loved one during recovery. To learn more, call us today at (866) 807-7307.

Posted on
November 24, 2023
Capital City Nurses