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Mindfulness and Meditation: Calming Activities For Seniors With Dementia

Mindfulness and meditation are words that have become mainstream from schools to large corporations across the country. Historically, most cultures have used a form of mindfulness or meditation to connect the mind, body, and spirit and to create a sense of calm and harmony.

Research into the use of mindfulness and meditation shows a strong scientific and medical reason why this is so effective for releasing stress,negative emotions, and even tension throughout the body. In senior companionship care programs and in-home care through Capital City Nurses, mindfulness and meditation are effective in helping our clients in Alzheimer's and dementia care programs. Meditation and mindfulness are also helpful for clients in rehab and post-op as a way to manage pain and reduce the need for medication.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of "being in the moment" and attending to the things that are happening right now in your life. For anyone, focusing on the wonderful things that are present in your life helps to eliminate the natural tendency to worry about things in the future or to stress about things in the past.

As a part of mental wellness, mindfulness, and meditation help to enhance cognition and emotional regulation. Seniors can learn to focus on the present with simple techniques to focus their attention on activities, people, and surroundings. This helps them orient themselves and reduce the anxiety that is a common experience for those with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Our companion care in Columbia, MD, provides a compassionate caregiver who works with the senior and the family to integrate mindfulness and meditation as a type of emotional support. It can become a part of the senior's routine, adding to structure and relaxation throughout their day. Having control over this part of their life promotes independence for seniors even if they require support in other areas of life.

Create a Peaceful Setting

Our in-home care services include helping the senior and the family to create a safe home environment. This also includes creating a peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable space for the senior to spend time meditating and being mindful.

Calm spaces should be out of traffic areas of the home, and they should be free from distractions like televisions or electronics. Comfortable furniture and a window to take in the outdoors a great ways to bring peace and comfort to a senior throughout the day.

Breathing Exercises and Guided Meditation

A very effective way to improve the quality of life for a senior with dementia is to teach simple breathing exercises. This includes deep breathing that expands the lungs and draws air deep into the belly with slow breaths in and out. This helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system that calms and body and the mind.

As your home health care agency, Capital City Nurses provides easy-to-follow scripts to allow family members to practice guided meditation with their loved ones. There are also a number of apps that have pre-recorded guided meditations with soothing music or ocean or nature sounds.

Good For Everyone

Our care givers can support the family's choice to include mindfulness and meditation in their daily lives. Taking the time to enjoy a wonderful meal and experience the tastes and aromas, sitting outside in the morning to take in a sunrise, or doing guided meditation to relax in the evening can easily become part of daily routines.

Mindfulness and meditation also benefit caregivers. It is a wonderful way for the whole family to learn ways to slow down, relax, and create harmony in their lives. For more tips and assistance on becoming more mindful, talk to our team at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
August 25, 2023
Capital City Nurses