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Maintaining Independence: In-Home Care for Seniors in Frederick, MD.

In-home care in Frederick, MD, can help your senior retain maximum independence. Some important reasons for choosing home care services include fostering independence,maintaining health and cognitive skills, and obtaining personalized home care assistance that meets the senior’s physical and mental health needs.

Independence is Crucial to Mental and Physical Health

Numerous clinical studies have found seniors who remain as independent as possible have lower rates of depression, higher self-esteem, a greater sense of purpose and achievement, higher levels of happiness, and a general improvement in the quality of life. The home health services in Frederick, MD, that Capital CityNurses provides are designed to support the highest level of senior independence by providing essential in-home care services.

Private duty home care supplied by a home health care agency will focus on providing personalized care. Unlike standardized care, it enables maximum autonomy and a sense of control and decision-making.

Aging with Dignity with In-Home Care Assistance

Seniors worry about falling, not getting the proper nutrition, missing taking medications, and, yes, being forgotten. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says, healthy aging involves more than an absence of disease or physical or mental deterioration. Healthy aging includes supporting senior mental health. Living at home is insufficient if the senior does not get the necessary daily help managing activities and health issues.

Some of the daily tasks the home care services provide include preparing healthy,nutritionally balanced meals, assisting with physical therapy exercises to maintain range of motion, bathing and dressing, heatstroke prevention, and light housekeeping if the person lives alone, to name a few. Seniors who live alone often need help following a good diet and preparing meals. Good nutrition slows aging, reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and bone loss.

The care provider also ensures a medication schedule is followed. Seniors frequently take numerous medications, and medication schedules can get complicated. Not following a medicine schedule minimizes the effectiveness of the medication.

Reducing the Risk of Falling

The risk of falls in seniors is high, especially if they have arthritis causing balance issues or a medical condition causing dizziness. Falling is a leading cause of senior injury and death.

The more a senior fears falling, the more isolated and less active the person becomes.Our professionals at Capital City Nurses will assess the risk off alling and develop a plan to reduce the risks. Strategies include helping seniors utilize mobility assistive devices, transporting them to doctor appointments, and identifying household safety challenges.

Companionship is All About Social Well-Being

Even if the person lives with family members, there is the risk of loneliness. People have time commitments like school and work and cannot spend adequate time visiting or taking a senior member to a community center where they can enjoy entertaining activities. Seniors who live alone and cannot socialize experience even more loneliness. Social well-being has been linked to senior mental health with a reduced risk of cognitive decline and to emotional support, which reduces the risk of depression.

The importance of elderly care should not be underestimated. Choosing a home health care agency that can provide the services your senior specifically needs is essential. Capital Care Nurses has a wide range of services to fit each care situation to maximize senior independence in Frederick, MD.

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Posted on
November 7, 2023
Capital City Nurses