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Beyond Meal Prep: How Home Care Enhances Nutrition For Seniors On National Food Day

National Food Day is a special day that is set aside on October 24th throughout the United States. This date was first established by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in 1975 and was a focus until 1977. In 2011, CSPI re-launched the program, and it is now focused on the food system, nutrition labels, healthy food choices, and educating people about food.

Capital CityNurses home care assistance programs are invaluable in helping seniors and their families better understand good nutrition for elderly family members. While nutrition is essential for good physical and senior mental health, it can be difficult for a senior to implement on his or her own.

Our home care services in Frederick, MD, are customized to the needs of our clients. This means the home caregiver tailors a healthy diet that takes into consideration both the unique nutritional needs of the elderly and the individual’s personal food preferences.

Nutritional Needs of Seniors

Part of the services our in-home care staff provide is education for the senior and the family about the changes in nutritional needs with age. This typically includes increasing focus on fiber intake, eating a wide variety of different types of fruits and vegetables, consuming a moderate amount of healthy fat, and eating lean meats and whole grains.

At the same time,seniors need to limit processed foods, sugary and salty foods, and simple carbohydrates. Often, these foods are the easiest to prepare,so understanding simple and easy ways to prepare healthier options ispart of the services offered by our home healthcare provider.  

Personal Nutritional Assessment

We begin with an individual assessment of dietary needs. This is very different from just meal prep and planning, and it allows us to customize our nutritional program most effectively for the individual client.

This is always important, but it becomes critical during rehab and post-op, or when our clients are recovering from an illness or health issue. We also work with seniors on medication management, essential if diabetes or other conditions are a factor. Our support with medication management for seniors also means developing a routine to take medications at the right time for maximum benefits and to avoid possible risks and complications.

Meal Plans, Meal Prep, and Monitoring Dietary Adjustments

As part of our home care for elderly services, the senior care companion assists or completes a range of meal planning and prep services. The senior is encouraged to take part, and this is a great opportunity to discuss nutrition and help the senior feel confident in making healthy, nutritious food choices.

In many cases, we can help seniors by swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthy options, allowing them to continue to enjoy their favorite foods. We focus on food variety, helping seniors explore new foods, dishes, and even new cooking methods. This can be a wonderful social experience for the seniors while also helping them understand their ability to plan and prepare healthy foods.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Part of our home health care service includes ongoing dietary monitoring. We note any changes in eating and make adjustments based on preferences and nutritional requirements over time.

We also talk about the importance of hydration to aid in digestion and overall health and wellness. We have several strategies we implement as part of our senior care wellness to focus on drinking water throughout the day.  

Our customized home care solutions allow seniors to have greater independence, dignity, and autonomy in their lives while ensuring they are eating correctly for their nutritional needs.

For more information about our home healthcare agency in Frederick, MD, reach out to Capital City Nurses at 866-807-7307 or through our online form.

Posted on
October 18, 2023
Capital City Nurses