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The Importance of Social Connections In Senior Care During National Wellness Month

One of the challenges for the elderly is remaining socially active. It is very common for older people to have difficulties in meeting new friends, getting out in the community, and finding groups and activities to engage in during the day. Seniors who are isolated are at greater risk for undetected health issues, medication mismanagement, injuries from falls, and an increased risk of depression.

Capital CityNurses recognize the importance of social connection throughout the year, especially during National Wellness Month. While our in-home care services may offer a full range of assistance for seniors, our goal is also to provide programs that enhance the social well-being of each of our clients. We not only spend time with our clients, but we can plan and schedule events that provide socialization in their community.

There are several reasons why our senior care services in Bethesda, MD, include a focus on providing companionship and socialization for the elderly. Some of the essential benefits of our senior companion program include:

  • Breaking isolation – being isolated is common if a senior is going through rehab and post-op care. Our caregivers offer both care support as well as personal interaction with a compassionate individual.
  • Family, friends, and tech–in-homehome care services provide support for the senior to connect with family and friends, even if it means using technology. Our staff can help facilitate these interactions and open up the world of online communication to keep seniors in touch with those they love.
  • Group activities – the importance of elderly care to involve seniors in group events cannot be overstated. Having the ability to participate in group activities is great for social networking and personal happiness.
  • Intergenerational bonds – home health care staff help to support the seniors interacting with younger people, which is great for feeling a part of the culture.
  • Volunteering and purpose – with the support of our staff, seniors may choose to volunteer at various events throughout the community for National Wellness Month to help with senior mental health.
  • Overcoming barriers – our private duty home care providers can create ways for the senior to have support and overcome barriers that may make it difficult to maintain social activities and connections.
  • Community support -we can assist seniors in engaging with their senior living community to take advantage of social activities and events.
  • Creative bonding – through our knowledge of our clients, we can help develop or identify fun activities for seniors to bond around common interests, hobbies, and passions.
  • Caregiver’s influence – it can be difficult for seniors to try new things when they are on their own. Capital City Nurses caregivers can go with the seniors, helping them to feel comfortable and confident in new situations and with new people.

In addition to our focus on socialization and interactions with our clients, we also provide medication management, reduce the risk of falls in senior’s homes, and even help with seasonal health issues such as heatstroke prevention.

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Posted on
August 7, 2023
Capital City Nurses