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What is the Difference Between Personal Care and Companion Care?

Here at CapitalCity Nurses, we are a home health care agency that offers in-home care services for your elderly relatives. We will design a customized care plan tailored to their specific needs offering physical health care, mental health care and companionship. We take pride in the elderly care assistance we offer and treat your loved ones as if they are our own family.

We have been working in the business of professional senior care giving for over 45 years, during which time we have set the benchmark in home health care services, an accolade we are immensely proud of and work every day to live up to. We have created a long-lasting reputation for doing things the right way offering both personal care and companionship care.

Since we started working in companion care in Alexandria, VA we’ve spread further across Virginia, DC, and Maryland, it has always been our motivation to put our client’s health, safety, and happiness first.

What is Personal Care?

Personal care includes helping with everyday tasks, like bathing, dressing,going to the toilet, grooming, and other such everyday tasks, just the tasks that give the elderly some dignity back to their life. It’s also light housekeeping, meal preparation and feeding where needed,medication management,helping seniors get around, with transport, ambulation, visits and other social engagements, and appointments. Our in-home care assistants also assist with rehab and post-op care,helping with range-of-motion exercises and physiotherapy, helping them to get back on their feet, and assisting them in doing as much for themselves as they can.

What is companion care?

Companion care, in Alexandria, VA,or at any of our locations, is more about emotional support, helping the elderly connect with the life they’ve always lived and being the friend they need in their later years. We spend time with our clients, engaging them in conversation and sharing meals, we offer encouraging activities, such as playing games, writing letters, arts and crafts. We also assist in connecting our clients with their families through video chats, helping them get set up and making engagement as straightforward as possible.

How does the Personal and Companion Care offered by Capital City Nurses help to improve the health of your loved ones?

Our personal and companionship care is designed to give our clients the most amount of dignity back to their lives. It is designed to maintain their physical health, brain health, and mental heal that the highest level possible. Our CapitalCity Nurses help your loved ones feel the respect that they deserve in their later life, letting them continue living in the homes they’ve loved for as long as possible, offering them love and support in some of the more difficult years in their lives.

To find out more about the senior companion program and personal care services we offer at CapitalCity Nurses give us a call at (866)807-7307today.

Posted on
January 5, 2023
Capital City Nurses