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How Post-COVID-19 Care can help seniors to recover fast?

Over the last few years, seniors in Great Falls, VA and the surrounding areas have faced increasing challenges due to the COVID pandemic. Not only are seniors still encouraged to limit social interactions in large groups, continue to wear masks, and practice social distancing, but they are also more likely to have long-term complications during and after recovery if they become infected with the virus.

At Capital City Nurses, we offer a range of services for post-COVID care for seniors. Our in-home care is designed to meet the needs of seniors and their families, ranging from companion care services to transferring and ambulation. We even offer rehab and post-op care for seniors at home or in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities. This provides peace of mind for adult children that their parents are well-cared for by experienced, professional, home care and elderly care nurses and caregivers.

What are the Difficulties Faced by Seniors Post-COVID?

There are several issues that seniors and loved ones may notice during coronavirus recovery. For seniors, the onset of sudden cognitive dysfunction is not uncommon, which leaves them with challenges planning their activities, organizing meals, and even caring for themselves in the same way they did before COVID.

At Capital City Nurses, our flexible senior care services adjust as the needs of your loved one change. For most of our seniors in COVID recovery, medication management and support for daily activities helps them recover more effectively by maintaining hygiene and ensuring all medications are taken on the recommended schedule and dosage.

Many seniors often feel physically weak during COVID recovery and beyond. This can put some seniors at a greater risk for falls, which is always a safety factor to consider. Our home care services are ideal for seniors living independently or those who need support while family members are out of the home.

Memory loss is not uncommon for seniors during coronavirus recovery.Elderly care assistance helps seniors stay safe in their own homes and not become overwhelmed if they cannot remember things throughout the day. This is also important for family members, as they have confidence that their loved one is well-cared for even if they cannot be present.

Activities That Encourage Seniors to Recover Faster Post-COVID

For many seniors, COVID recovery will be a long process. However,through our senior companion services in the Great Valls, VA area, seniors have constant support and companionship.

Our senior care providers work with the patient to assist them with regular exercise as recommended by their doctor or physical therapists, while also interacting with them in conversation, games, and activities that create a positive and engaging social interaction.

What are the Services Provided by Capital City Nurses to Help COVID Recovery?

The in-home services offered by Capital City Nurses are tailored to the needs of the senior and designed to provide the necessary level of support. We also offer post-op and rehab care, and medication management in addition to our elderly care assistance programs.

To find out more about the services offered by Capital City Nurses in the Great Falls, VA area, call us at 866-807-7307.

Posted on
May 19, 2022
Capital City Nurses