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The Best Way to Find Alzheimer's and Dementia Care in Great Falls, VA.

If your elderly parent requires care for memory loss or suffers from the more serious indications of Alzheimer’s or dementia help is available. However, it is only possible by knowing the extent of the problem.

Essentially, there are two basic types of Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Great Falls, VA. These are:

  1. In-home care: The person receives a variety of services while remaining in a home setting.
  2. Long-term care: This type of living is suitable for those who prefer to live in a community setting. It is frequently considered the best solution for those with severe Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

In-Home Care

If you are considering home-care, it is important to first assess the individual requirements of the person with dementia. Since the disease advances in stages, talk to a professional, including the persons doctor, about what is specifically required will help.

The home care services offered vary, these include:

  • Focus on non-medical care: Personal care and other types of assistance related to daily life.
  • Offer medical care: This involves licensed health professionals such as those working for Capital City Nurses, who provide therapy for physical and mental issues including memory care. Nurses and other professionals can dress and care for wounds, and administer injections and medications.
  • Provide companion services. This may involve supervision of those with memory loss as well as encouraging recreational activities.
  • Address basic household needs: This may be cleaning, laundry, shopping, and/or meal preparation.

Long-Term Care

As with in-home care, long-term care provides the best solution in some instances. It is available in different formats.Dementia or Alzheimer’s care facilities may include:

  • Assisted Living Facility: This type of facility provides in-house care to assist those with memory loss and related issues.
  • Long-Term Care/Nursing Home: These provide 24-7 medical care and assistance.

How to Find the Right Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Whether you decide to choose assisted living or prefer home care services, finding the right option is critical. You need to

  • Consult the senior’s primary care physician: S/he can provide you with an update on the situation and recommend whether an at-home or assisted living solution is the current better option.
  • Ask others in a similar situation: By talking to friends, family, and co-workers you can find suggestions on a variety of memory care resolutions. Their first-hand experiences with a variety of agencies in your area can help you narrow down local choices by eliminating those that do not meet your criteria.
  • Go online: Several online sources can direct you to Alzheimer’s care facilities as well as those who provide compassionate care at home.

Finding the right care for someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s may be challenging. You can reduce the risk of making a poor match by doing careful research.

Primary care professionals can help lay the basis for the decision.Compare his or her preferences with others provided by friends,family, and reliable online sites. Combine this with your knowledge and you should arrive at the right solution.

If your elderly parent requires care for memory loss or suffers from the more serious indications of Alzheimer’s or dementia help is available.

Posted on
January 20, 2022
Capital City Nurses