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How Do You Care for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients at Home in McLean, VA?

It is a common mistake to assume that Alzheimer's and dementia patients must be hospitalized or placed in a memory care unit. Infact, it is possible for patients to stay at home and enjoy life withtheir family, provided they have the correct support in place. AtCapital City Nurses, we have experienced professionals and a trained,compassionate home caregiver team able to safely and effectively carefor your loved one.

To help you understand in-home care for dementia patients in McLean, VA, here are some common questions and answers to explain our services.

How do you care for someone with dementia and Alzheimer's?

There are several strategies that the team providing in-home Alzheimer care and dementia care inMclean, VA will implement. Our goal is to provide a safe,secure environment for your loved one, which includes removing anyitems that may pose trip-and-fall hazards or other dangers to the individual. We assess and manage behaviour and sleep problems, andalso provide medication management for the patient.

Our staff focuses on providing simple instructions with respect and understanding of theindividual’s required level of support. We talk to our clients andkeep them engaged in making decisions at an appropriate level. Our skillednursing care also provides any additional medical services prescribed by the patient's doctor.

What are the needs of Alzheimer's and dementia patients?

Both Alzheimer's and dementia are progressive diseases, which means the needs of theclient change over time. Most of our clients start with our companioncare services, which includes conversation, interaction, andactivities with the home caregiver. We also provide support andassistance with activities of daily living, including essential orinstrumental daily routines. Our Alzheimer's and dementia care staff will plan activities to do,customizing them to their specific interests and events happening in and around the community. The central goal is to always provide asafe, positive environment to boost the client’s self-esteem andability to make informed decisions.

What type of services do Capital City Nurses provide for Alzheimer's and dementiapatients?

Our companionship and in-home healthcare services include a wide range of possibleoptions. This may include spending time doing crafts, playing cardsor board games, or simply talking to share friendship and socialinteractions. Typically, these services also provide mealpreparation, light housekeeping, assistance with feeding, medicationreminders and help with activities of daily living. The in-homecaregivers will also transport clients to appointments, plan outings,and assist with exercise and staying active at an appropriate level.

Skilled nursing care services can be provided in-home as part of our Alzheimer's anddementia support program. These services include assessments,injections, IV therapy, ostomy care, medication administration,dressing changes and wound care, and assistance with medical devices.

In addition, we provide dementia and Alzheimer's caregiver support for families inMcLean, VA. Having a trusted and highly-experienced RN to answerquestions helps the family understand the disease and how they canbest support their loved one.

Posted on
February 7, 2022
Capital City Nurses