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Celebrate Mother's Day with Seniors in Great Falls, VA

Mother's Day is one of the most cherished days throughout the year.At Capital City Nurses, we understand the importance of this day and why it matters to plan activities and events the whole family can do together.

As mothers get older and perhaps become grandmothers, celebrating the day is just as important. Our exceptional team of caregivers can work with you to provide home care services to ensure your elderly parents can enjoy the day and celebrate the mothers and grand mothers in the family.

Throughout the year, the team at Capital City Nurses offers a full range of services to help make life easier for the elderly. This includes ensuring family members have the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is safe and enjoys regular companionship and interactions. Our services include medication management, rehab and post-op care, and complete home care assistance in Great Falls, VA and the surrounding areas.

Fun Mother's Day Activities for Seniors

Enjoying Mother's Day celebrations with seniors is about spending time together as a family. Think of things your mom used to enjoy doing, or things that you enjoy doing and you know she might like as well. Some great suggestions are going for a walk in a park and just taking in the beautiful weather, gardening at the home planting flowers, or even putting in a small vegetable garden.

Another excellent option for the whole family is enjoying some of your loved one’s favorite games. If you're not sure what games your elderly mother likes to play, check with our in-home care assistants. They may have some great suggestions based on the time they’ve spent with the individual.

Group Activities

For seniors living in assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities after recovery from accidents or injuries, it's great to have fun with happy visitors. The staff  will likely be able to provide companionship care, arrange meditation sessions, and even conduct group exercises to get everyone involved.

It isn't uncommon for the facility to do something special to honor all the ladies on Mother's Day. Many family members who can't be present because of distance or other commitments still choose to send a care or gift package. This is always appreciated by mothers who maybe living outside of the family home.

Companionship Care

One of the most critical roles Capital City Nurses offers to families caring for elderly moms and grandmothers is providing guidance on medication management. This is helpful for the family, as it allows everyone to understand how and when to administer medications.  

Capital City Nurses also offers rehab, post-op, and stress relief solutions for families, caregivers, and loved ones caring for the elderly. Our home care assistance is customized to the needs of the family and the individual. We always start with a full assessment to understand what is needed. We also work with families to help to learn and practice mindful communication, which will become more important if the senior is struggling with Alzheimer's or dementia.

If you have questions about how to make Mother's Day special or if you're interested in senior companion programs in and around Great Falls, VA, call us at 866-807-7307 today.

Posted on
May 2, 2022
Capital City Nurses