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You Don’t Have to Hover to Help

If your loved one has lived past the age of 65, chances are, they’ve grown accustomed to independence. They’ve spent the better part of their lives working, paying taxes, and possibly raising you.

So, some seniors might be resistant to the idea of fulltime or even part time care giving.

Thanks to a new technology, you can monitor an elderly loved one unobtrusively, even a few states away. Senior-focused tech company Lively developed a medical alert system that goes well beyond “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. The system consists of a watch, which is waterproof and can be worn constantly, a hub and activity sensors. The watch monitors heart rate, can sense falls and has a help button that seniors can push if they need assistance.

Sensors can be put in a wide array of places, such as the refrigerator, a pill case and the front door. You can use the sensors to monitor your loved one’s activities without being invasive. Lively sensors will record the time that each sensor is tripped, meaning you can tell if your loved one has taken their daily medication, or eaten lunch. If something essential, like a pill dosage is missed, Lively allows you to send a reminder to the watch.

If the Lively system is a little too tech-dependent for your seniors, Capital City Nurses offers excellent options for unobtrusive caregiving. Our Medication Management service can help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring that they are preserving their health. Our Medication Management service is ideal for those who live far away from their loved ones. A registered nurse can help seniors coordinate their medication orders, organize pills for the week and help with dosage. We can also offer medication reminders for seniors.

With a Capital City Nurse visiting, you can rely that your loved one is getting superior care by someone trained to encourage independence while evaluating care needs.

Whether you’re interested in helping a loved one remember their daily pills, or just want a friendly face checking in, Capital City Nurses reminds you that help doesn’t have to be overwhelming to be effective.

Posted on
June 5, 2015
Capital City Nurses