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What Is A Home Health Care Agency?

It is often easy to confuse home care with home health care. Sometimes, the functions do overlap as the home health care agency may offer individuals who can perform both functions with skill and ease. Yet, when it comes to long-term care or those who are in need of specialized medical training, a home health care agency will rely on its trained medical professionals to handle the necessary procedures. At Capital City Nursing, we only provide our clients with the professionals they need to perform the specialized services required by a client.

What Is a Home Health Care Agency?

A home health care agency is one that focuses on supplying skilled health care to seniors or others who need someone to help them get healthy while they are in their home or other residence. A home health care agency will provide their clients with skilled and qualified health professionals who will work with their doctor to ensure they can become healthier after an illness or following surgery. Those who provide home health care may offer any or all of the following:

  • Skilled nursing services
  • Physical therapy that can be performed in the home or residence
  • Pain Management
  • Caring for abrasions and other lacerations including pressure sores or actual surgical wounds
  • Injections
  • Managing of prescription medicine
  • Nutrition or intravenous treatment

In addition, a home health care agency will ensure the qualified health care giver is able to provide accurate and applicable information to both the family caregiver and client about therapy, conditions and other information pertinent t the senior’s condition.

At Capital City Nurses, we can provide and deliver these type of services as well as other related treatments. While it may seem to be expensive, you will discover it is less costly than the fees charged by either a skilled residential facility e.g. retirement home or assisted living, or a hospital.

The Goals of a Home Health Care Agency

Capital City Nurses, we train our health care agents to exercise their skilled medical education and schooling in the homes they visit. They are there to treat any illness or injury. Whenever possible, they will apply their skills, experience and knowledge to help the client regain his or her independence. In the very least, our nurses and nurse assistants will work as hard as they can to help the client regain as much of their self-sufficiency as possible.

No matter what the specific goals of our nurses and staff at Capital City Nurses, we all agree on one particular component of treatment – one goal that defines our interaction with clients of all ages, genders and cultures. At our home health care agency, we are determined to treat everyone we meet and take care of with dignity and complete respect.

Posted on
May 11, 2015
Capital City Nurses