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Tips To Ease Care Giver Stress

Emotional health is as important as physical health. That is why keeping your elderly loved one healthy involves more than getting them their medication or ensuring their treatments are paid for. It means looking after their emotional health and well-being. One way to make this happen is to

Engage senior companion services.

How Can These Services Help?

  • According to WomensHealth, you can ease your stress and your loved ones’ by learning better ways to help them. For instance, many elderly people live a full, happy life by taking part of activities and events in local recreation centers. If your loved ones are starting to find it a bit hard to move around, you can make sure they continue attending those activities and events for as long as they want to by providing them with companion services. A companion can provide your loved one with assistance and support to help them overcome mobility issues.
  • When a senior find it hard to leave their house without help it can make them prone to isolation, leading to loneliness and depression. Having a companion to go with them to catch the latest independent film or to the knitting class they love can provide them with the companionship they need to be emotionally positive and healthy.
  • It is convenient. You may not be able to take your grandma to see that play because of work or pressing deadlines. You will not have to worry about her going alone; companion services are readily available to help get your grandma where she wants to go.

Other Tips

Taking care of elderly relatives can lead to a lot of stress too. Here is what you can do to ease it:

  • Take time out for yourself. According to HelpGuide, giving yourself a break is one way to reduce burnout and stress.
  • Make yourself laugh. Find a way to distract yourself and release the tension: watch a film or read a funny book. Learn to look on the bright side of life.
  • Talk to someone. Do not bottle everything up inside. The more you hold onto your emotions, the more likely you will end up stressed, lonely, resentful and angry.
  • Pamper yourself. Get a massage or go on a short trip. Do whatever makes you feel special. This can help you relax and make all the stress disappear.
  • Look after your own health. If you do not take care of yourself, then your loved one will suffer too. So do not let care giving drive you to the ground in exhaustion. Ask for help if you must.

With these tips, you can take care of your elderly relatives and yourself even better. For information on home care assistance, contact us at Capital City Nurses.

Posted on
April 28, 2016
Capital City Nurses