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Stay Connected This Holiday Season

elder ladies enjoying christmas

It’s easy to lose track of what the holidays are about. There are presents to buy, decorations to hang, cards to write, and carols to sing. But while you’re hustling to make your holidays merry, remember that this season isn’t about reindeer lawn displays or buying the most presents; it’s about spending time with your loved ones.

For seniors, this is especially important. The holiday season can often lead to feelings of depression in seniors, especially if they feel isolated from family and friends. Depression is a common condition in many seniors. The Kadlec Senior Clinic reports that 10% of elders who live independently report depression. The numbers escalate when seniors live in nursing homes (25%) or are forced to stay in hospitals (45%). The holidays can exacerbate feelings of depression if elders aren’t able to make family gatherings or can’t decorate their homes the way they used to.

This holiday season, give the senior in your life the gift of connection. Organize a family decorating day, and help your favorite senior string lights and put up a holiday tree. Spend the day baking festive cookies or helping them send holiday cards. A few hours out of your day can dramatically help a senior feel the uplifting spirit of the season.

If you live too far to visit your loved one, consider sending them some holiday cheer in the form of Capital City Nurses. Our multi-tiered services include everything from full-time nursing care to Daughter Down the Street visits, which are designed to get seniors out into the world and interacting. We can help elders get to their favorite holiday play, visit and bake cookies, or take them caroling with their senior group.

At Capital City Nurses, we know that connection is the key to aging successfully. Help seniors stay connected by taking time with them this holiday season. A few hours a day can help stave off depression and create beautiful holiday memories.

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December 18, 2015
Capital City Nurses